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    Absolutely Everybody Priority 1: Rights and responsibilities

    Queenslanders with a disability have every opportunity to participate fully in the economic, civic and social life of the community, enabled by all Queenslanders and sectors to exercise their rights and responsibilities.

    Performance indicators:

    • Human rights and fundamental freedoms are promoted, protected and fulfilled
    • Access to advocacy is improved
    • Access to and responsiveness by the justice system is effective
    Absolutely Everybody Theme 1.3: Enable rights and responsibilities to be exercised
    Strategy 1.3.2: Improve access to communication support and assistive technologies that enable people to exercise and safeguard their rights.
    Ref no. Actions By When Responsible area within the department Increase the participation of people with a disability from diverse backgrounds in government reference and consumer advisory groups Ongoing All business areas
    Absolutely Everybody Theme 1.1: Promote rights
    Strategy  1.1.1: Raise awareness of and commitment to the rights of people with a disability.
    Ref no. Actions By When Responsible area within the department Consider gender perspectives during the development, monitoring and evaluation of government policies, programs and services so that actions taken by government reflect the needs of both women and men with a disability Ongoing All business areas
    Strategy 1.1.2: Build the capacity of all sectors and services to be respectful and responsive to people with diverse abilities.
    Ref no. Actions By When Responsible area within the department Work with arts organisations to encourage the creation of Disability Action Plans Ongoing Policy, Planning and Performance,
    Arts Queensland Recognise multiple disadvantages experienced by people with a disability on the basis of age, gender,
    cultural background, sexual orientation, socio-economic background and geographic location
    Ongoing All business areas

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    Last updated:
    2 April, 2013
    Last reviewed:
    14 December, 2011