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    4.13 Briefing information on Cabinet submissions

    The exchange of briefing information assists Cabinet's decision-making process by identifying outstanding issues for resolution. It ensures that Ministers are fully informed of issues prior to entering the Cabinet meeting, thereby ensuring that open and informed deliberation of issues can occur.

    By 4.00 pm, Thursday four copies of briefing information prepared by departments for their respective Ministers must be lodged with the Cabinet Secretariat for circulation within Policy Division and to the Premier. To assist in distribution, agencies are requested to provide briefing information in four complete sets.

    Briefing notes lodged by departments will need to be accompanied by a completed briefing note summary form. A blank form indicating the Cabinet submissions circulated for that meeting will be provided by the Cabinet Secretariat on the Wednesday before.

    Should briefing notes be revised, or otherwise amended, they must be resubmitted through the Cabinet Secretariat so that they may be circulated. The words 'amended' or 'replacement' should be marked clearly in the top right hand corner of the briefing note.

    Should a significant or contentious issue be evident in a Cabinet submission that has been circulated, contact should be made with Policy Division to discuss the issue. Early contact will allow the Premier to be briefed in a timely manner and expedite the resolution of the issue, if possible, before the Cabinet meeting.

    At 9.00 am on the Friday following lodgement of final submissions (the Friday preceding the Cabinet meeting at which the submissions will be considered), the Department of the Premier and Cabinet, through the Cabinet Secretariat, will provide Ministers with copies of briefing information prepared for the Premier in relation to all submissions to be considered. This briefing information must not be photocopied and is provided for Ministers' information only.

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    Last updated:
    18 May, 2016
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