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    4.5 Lodgement process for Cabinet Committee submissions

    The lodgement process for Cabinet Committee submissions is essentially the same as normal Cabinet submissions comprising both first and final lodgement stages. Although there are no regular scheduled meetings, first and final lodgement submissions should be lodged at the Cabinet Secretariat on Mondays and Tuesdays respectively, similar to Cabinet submissions.

    As per Cabinet, both electronic (via the Cabinet Information System) and hardcopies of first and final lodgement Committee submissions must be lodged at the Cabinet Secretariat with a lodgement letter. In the case of the first lodgement submission, the Department of the Premier and Cabinet contact officers provide feedback to departments, usually through the agency CLLO of any perceived difficulties and/or recommendations for amendments or possible withdrawal of the submission.

    At this stage, Ministers are able to make amendments where necessary and the final submission can be lodged. Should the proposing Minister not concur with the recommendation concerning the perceived deficiency of the submission, then the submission may still be lodged. However, in such instances, the final submission should raise any issues of concern.

    Once the final submission has been lodged and briefing information received, then the Premier will determine whether the submission should be included on the business list for Committee consideration. Refer to Chapter 3.1.2 "Cabinet Budget Review Committee meeting scheduling, business list and briefing information"

    When additional advice is needed regarding the lodgement of a Cabinet Committee submission, the Cabinet Secretariat will provide specific instructions in relation to lodgement procedures and timeframes to be followed.

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    Last updated:
    18 May, 2016
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