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    4.6 Lodgement letter

    A departmental covering letter, signed by the CLLO, must be attached to first lodgement and final submissions delivered to the Cabinet Secretariat. The covering letter should advise the number of copies produced by the originating department, the number of copies being retained and by whom, and must include the related entry number for a Cabinet submission. As a general guide the following format should be adopted:

    (insert Date)

    Cabinet Secretariat
    Level 40, 1 William Street

    Dear (insert Addressee)

    Enclosed are (insert number) copies of Cabinet/Cabinet Committee submission entitled:

    (insert title), Related Entry Number (insert number) from the Cabinet Information System refers.

    An electronic copy of the submission has been entered on the Cabinet Information System. I certify that the electronic copy accords with the hardcopies enclosed.

    A total of (insert number) copies of the submission have been produced with distribution details of the copies retained as follows:

    No. of Copies                 Department/Branch                   Officer Name

    (insert details)               (insert details)                         (insert details)

    For further information please contact (insert Officer Name) on (insert Telephone Number).

    (insert CLLO Signature)
    (insert CLLO name)

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    18 November, 2016
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