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    4.7 Number of copies to be lodged

    It is the originating department's responsibility to provide the prescribed number of copies of submissions to the Cabinet Secretariat. Copy requirements vary depending on whether lodgements are first lodgements or final lodgements.

    For first lodgement copies of Cabinet submissions, fifteen copies are required to be lodged on plain white paper.

    The number of final Cabinet submissions required to be lodged on Cabinet-in-Confidence paper will vary according to the security classification given to a submission. The following is a general guide:

    Security classificationNumber of copies
    "A" (Secret)As required dependent on the level of consultation. Please consult with the Cabinet Secretariat.
    "B" (Restricted)40
    "C" (Confidential)60

    4.7.1 Number of copies to be lodged for Cabinet Committees

    In relation to Cabinet Committee submissions, the number of copies required will vary according to the membership of the Committee and whether other Ministers or advisors are invited to attend a meeting in relation to an issue. The Cabinet Secretariat will need to be consulted concerning the number of copies required.

    In relation to the CBRC, departments are required to lodge twelve first lodgement copies and 25 final lodgement copies of submissions with the Cabinet Secretariat.

    Final submissions are to be copied onto the correct colour paper as described in Chapter 5.3.2 "Colour of submissions". For details on paper requirements for submissions, refer to Chapter 5.3.1 "Paper"

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