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    4.8 Oral Cabinet submissions

    An oral submission is one which is provided verbally to Cabinet by a Minister without prior circulation of a written submission. Accordingly there is no formal lodgement process to be followed.

    Oral submissions may be given at Cabinet where there is an emergent issue affecting whole of government, and generally where there is insufficient time to prepare a written submission on the issue. As Ministers will not have had the opportunity to be informed prior to the meeting, complex matters requiring detailed deliberation should not be presented, unless there is no other option.

    A Minister may make an oral submission only if the Premier has given prior approval. Such approval will be decided on the merits and urgency of the issue, which must support dispensation of the normal pre-Cabinet consultation process.

    Where an approval for an oral submission is being sought, or has been received, the Cabinet Secretary should be advised so that appropriate arrangements in respect of the Cabinet agenda and minutes may be made.

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    Last updated:
    18 May, 2016
    Last reviewed:
    17 July, 2009