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    1.3 Ministers

    Ministers are appointed by the Governor on the advice of the Premier. On the formation of a government, notifications appear in the Queensland Government Gazette stating the Governor has appointed certain persons as Ministers and as Members of the Executive Council. Ministers administer, and are responsible for, their departments of State.

    Cabinet comprises all appointed Ministers, with the Premier, as the Leader of the government, being the Chairperson of Cabinet. The Premier's authority rests upon political convention together with a capacity to maintain the support of the Parliament. That requires the support of Ministerial colleagues and the political party which the Premier leads.

    The Premier is the channel of communication between the Governor and the Cabinet and between the Queensland Government and the Commonwealth Government or other governments.

    1.3.1 Ministerial declaration of interests

    The Cabinet process requires the highest standard of propriety to ensure public confidence in the decisions of executive government. Ministers attending meetings of Cabinet or Cabinet Committees must declare any private interests held by them, or members of their immediate families, in relation to the matters before the relevant meeting. Ministers should advise the Premier should they find themselves in a situation of conflict of interest. This advice will be tendered at Cabinet and a record made by the Cabinet Secretary that the Minister so declared his/her pecuniary interest or conflict of interest and withdrew from the Cabinet Meeting.

    It is recognised that situations may arise whereby Ministers may have a perceived conflict of interest due to their own interests or the interests of a partner, family member or close associate, but that the possibility of a conflict does not properly arise because the matter to be determined concerns a matter of general public policy or where the Minister has no greater interest than that of other classes of people in the community or within the Cabinet generally. In such circumstances, the Minister is to declare the nature of the interest at Cabinet and a record made by the Cabinet Secretary that the Minister so declared an interest. The Minister is not required to withdraw from the meeting and may continue to participate fully in the determination of the Government's policy on the matter.

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