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    Christine, Executive Director

    "I wanted to make a difference, to be part of the 'buzz' of solving problems which impacted across Queensland."

    Mary, Director

    "I really enjoy my role as it gives me a government-wide perspective. I've gained a good understanding of the breadth of the issues that the State Government is responsible for, but also what the Federal and local governments manage."

    John, Chief Pilot

    "The work itself is its greatest reward... I would recommend the Air Wing to any former Defence pilot wanting a unique challenge."

    Steve, Principal Visits and Protocol Coordinator

    "I plan on working for Protocol Queensland until I retire. I truly enjoy my job and I feel I have one of the best jobs in the Public Service."

    Charlie, Accountant

    "I wanted more exposure to the corporate side of accounting. The idea of working at the heart of government, of being part of the changing life of Queensland, really appealed to me."

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    Search for jobs online and find out more about opportunities for graduates.

    Why work for us

    Reasons to work for us include our flexible work arrangements, benefits and development opportunities.

    Your career options

    A range of administrative, professional, managerial and executive roles, as well as graduate employment.

    Strategic Workforce Plan

    Our Strategic Workforce Plan outlines what you can expect when you start a career with us.

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    27 August, 2014
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    10 June, 2010