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    Capability development

    We are all leaders in the Queensland public sector, regardless of role, classification level or whether people have formal responsibilities to manage or lead people.

    Leadership competencies for Queensland provides a common understanding of the foundations for success across all public sector roles.

    At the Department of the Premier and Cabinet we use the Leadership competencies:

    • in our role descriptions, which you'll see when you apply for a job with us
    • as a basis for learning and development opportunities
    • in our approach to performance management.

    As an employee you'll be expected to develop your own and/or your team's individual capabilities as part of your performance planning commitment.

    We also encourage and support staff to act in higher level roles, take up short-term mobility opportunities to develop skills in other teams, and provide financial and leave assistance for approved study.

    Career development

    At our department we see career development as a shared responsibility between each employee and their manager.

    You are responsible for taking the initiative to broaden your experience and build new skills. Your manager and the organisation will support you to seek out opportunities and to take on more challenging roles.

    The opportunity to advance your career is one of the reasons to work for us.

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    Last updated:
    14 July, 2022
    Last reviewed:
    14 July, 2022