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    DPC Strategic Workforce Plan

    The strategic workforce plan identifies workplace priorities and actions that will be implemented to ensure we are building a diverse, skilled and agile workforce capable of delivering our department’s vision and objectives. The Strategic Workforce Plan 2020–2024 supports our department to make a positive difference for Queenslanders now and in the future, and directly links to the department’s Strategic Plan, and whole-of-government workforce objectives including the 10 year human capital outlook.

    Strategic Workforce Plan 2020–2024

    Read DPC's Strategic Workforce Plan 2020–2024 (PDF, 502KB).

    To ensure our workforce has the capabilities required for the future and aligns with whole-of-government objectives, the department will focus on 4 key objectives:

    Objectives What success looks like
    A high-performing workforce We are high performing, inclusive, capable, committed and consistent.
    Strong and accountable workforce We are strong and accountable, lead at all levels, and role-model the highest standards of behaviour.
    An innovative and effective workforce We are innovative and effective, forward-thinking, embrace better ways of working, connected and collaborative.
    Strategic workforce We are strategic and seek out and embrace new information, broader perspectives and opportunities for engagement.

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    Last updated:
    16 January, 2023
    Last reviewed:
    16 January, 2023