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    DPC Strategic Workforce Plan

    The strategic workforce plan identifies our department’s workplace priorities and actions that will be implemented to ensure we have the right people, in the right jobs, with the right skills and expertise. The plan supports the Premier’s vision for the Department of the Premier and Cabinet to be the best lead agency in the Australian public sector: efficient, modern and customer oriented.

    Strategic Workforce Plan 2016–20

    Read DPC's Strategic Workforce Plan 2016–20:

    Our employment principles

    Merit in recruitment and selection

    The Department of the Premier and Cabinet is an equal opportunity employer. The successful applicant for a job with us is the person who demonstrates the highest level of merit in a competitive process.

    Equity and diversity

    Our workforce is representative of the diverse Australian community. We believe that our employees' wide range of experiences, backgrounds and perspectives contributes to our success as an employer.

    Performance management

    At our department, performance management is carried out via face-to-face feedback, review and open communication.

    Employees participate in performance reviews where good performance is recognised or performance problems identified.

    Our performance as an agency is measured against the objectives in our Strategic Plan.

    Developing capability

    We believe there is a clear link between our performance as an agency and employees' capabilities. We encourage access to professional development opportunities through:

    • on-the-job assignments at a higher level
    • access to formal leadership development programs
    • financial assistance for study and research.

    Find out more about capability development.

    Sustainability and corporate social responsibility

    Our staff work in an environment that acknowledges its corporate social responsibility and has sustainable practices at personal and organisational levels.

    Our commitment is shown through a number of ways:

    • Supporting staff to give back to the community through volunteering. We support this through leave provisions and work/life balance arrangements.
    • Coordinating appeals to support disaster-affected Queensland communities. In 2010-11 the department coordinated the Premier's Disaster Relief Appeal to assist Queensland communities affected by recent flooding and Tropical Cyclone Yasi.
    • Encouraging and supporting departmental staff to assist the Community Recovery effort in Queensland following the floods and Cyclone Yasi. From January 2011, DPC has deployed 25 staff members (including Arts Queensland and Corporate Administration Agency) for a total of 35 deployments.
    • Our Airwing, which is at the forefront of organ donor retrieval in the state, and flies medical staff to where they're needed around Australia.
    • Our events - vibrant examples of our staff working behind the scenes to support major milestones in the lives of Queenslanders.
    • Reducing our energy consumption and increasing energy efficiency through the Queensland Government's Strategic Energy Management Plan, and our Climate Smart Environmental Plan.


    Our department upholds the highest standards of public sector accountability. We expect our employees to display the high standards of conduct outlined in our Code of Conduct.

    See our current job vacancies

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    8 February, 2018
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