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    Our structure

    You can view the Department of the Premier and Cabinet's organisational chart (PDF, 32KB) including the portfolio of The Premier and Minister for Trade, or read the text version below:

    • Department of the Premier and Cabinet

      • Director-General

        • Strategy and Engagement

          • Integrated Communications and Protocol

          • Intergovernmental Relations

          • Strategic Policy

          • Regional Offices

        • Policy

          • Economic Policy

          • Environment Policy

          • Social Policy

          • Policy Futures

        • Corporate and Government Services

          • Corporate Services

          • Government Services

          • ANZAC Centenary Coordination Unit

          • Executive Correspondence Unit

        • Cabinet Services

          • Cabinet and Parliamentary Services

          • Performance Unit

        • Office of the Queensland Parliamentary Counsel

          • Legislative Drafting

          • Legislation and Business Services

        • Criminal Justice System Reform Framework Program Management Office

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    Last updated:
    16 July, 2019
    Last reviewed:
    14 June, 2017