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    Who we are

    The Department of the Premier and Cabinet is the agency that deals with the 'bigger picture' aspects of government.

    It is our job to support and advise the Premier and Cabinet so that the government's priorities, commitments, decisions and objectives for the community can be delivered.

    We provide a broad range of services to the Premier and Cabinet, government Ministers, agencies and the community. As the lead agency of the Queensland public service, we work closely with all other agencies to drive the government's work from conception through to implementation.

    Our vision is ‘A thriving, inclusive Queensland envied for our lifestyle'.

    Our role is to ‘lead and enable strategic policy and Westminster system governance to engage stakeholders, resolve complex issues, and deliver government priorities for Queensland.  

    Read about the shared vision, mission, value and strategies that guide the work of our department.

    Find out more about the role of the Premier.

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    Last updated:
    16 May, 2024
    Last reviewed:
    7 July, 2022