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    Queensland Ministerial Handbook

    The Queensland Ministerial Handbook is part of the Governing Queensland suite of handbooks.

    It has been developed to assist Ministers, Assistant Ministers and their staff in the running of the Ministerial Office and is designed to act as a single, simple and user friendly reference.

    It sets out the common policies, practices and procedures to be adopted in Ministerial Offices with respect to a broad range of operational and policy issues relating to the functioning of the Ministerial Office.

    View the Queensland Ministerial Handbook (PDF, 1MB)

    Ministers are held to the highest ethical standard and are expected to conduct themselves with integrity, exercising their discretionary powers in the public interest. Ministers’ obligations are set out in the Ministerial Code of Conduct, with which they must comply.

    View the Ministerial Code of Conduct (PDF, 419KB)

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    Last updated:
    27 March, 2024
    Last reviewed:
    27 March, 2024