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    Changing attitudes and breaking down barriers by raising awareness and capability

    State Disability Plan whole-of-government action—support national communication strategies and activities to promote the National Disability Strategy 2010–2020.

    Overall measure

    • Queensland participates and contributes to NDS communication strategies and activities. (State Disability Plan measure)
    Action Accountable area

    Action 1.1
    Work with the Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors (DCDSS) to ensure promotional materials and campaign strategies are best practice, and provide support to ensure external communications are inclusive.

    Strategy and Engagement, PSC

    Action 1.3
    Deliver whole‑of‑government managed social media campaigns and sub‑campaigns as appropriate for the (NDS) via:

    • Queensland Government Facebook
    • Queensland Government YouTube
    • Queensland Government Instagram.

    Strategy and Engagement, PSC

    Action 1.3
    Communicate NDS-related messaging via internal online platforms i.e. for Disability Action Week and for other DCDSS-developed material.

    Strategy and Engagement, PSC, Corporate and Government Services (Human Resource Services)

    State Disability Plan whole-of-government action—investigate and develop options to provide disability awareness training to Queensland Government frontline staff and to incorporate disability awareness training into Queensland Government induction programs.

    Overall measure

    • Training is progressively provided to agency staff in accordance with approved annual training program. (DPC and PSC measure)
    • All new staff receive disability awareness training during induction. (State Disability Plan measure)
    Action Accountable area

    Action 2.1
    Reinforce DPC and PSC’s commitment to supporting an inclusive workplace culture through workplace induction. Provide new starters with access to a suite of training options, in addition to mandatory programs, including:

    • disability awareness training
    • respectful workplace behaviours
    • unconscious bias
    • reasonable adjustment/workplace adjustments
    • recruitment and selection
    • mental health.

    Corporate and Government Services (Human Resource Services), PSC

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    Last updated:
    23 July, 2020
    Last reviewed:
    20 July, 2020