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    Strategies and plans

    These planning documents outline strategies for achieving set targets and goals both within government agencies and across the state.

    Advancing North Queensland

    See the Queensland Government's plan for investing in the future of North Queensland, including five priority areas to drive growth and jobs and diversify the region's economy.

    Agency Planning Requirements

    Details the provisions and processes for preparing strategic, operational and specific purpose plans.

    Disability Service Plan

    Details the actions the Queensland Government is taking to improve access to services, information, and facilities for people with disability, their families and carers.

    Equity and Diversity Plan

    Details the actions the Queensland Government aims to implement actionable strategies and initiatives to foster an inclusive workplace. This includes promoting equitable recruitment practices, implementing inclusive policies, providing diversity training, and establishing support networks for our target groups.

    Government's objectives for the community

    See the Queensland Government's objectives for the community.

    Ministerial Offices Privacy of Personal Information Guide

    Informs ministerial officers of their privacy obligations and responsibilities.

    Open data strategy 2022–2024

    This open data strategy for the Department of the Premier and Cabinet lists data collected by the department and provides standards for data management. The release schedule for all datasets is published on the Queensland Government Open Data Portal.

    Queensland Drones Strategy

    Outlines the Queensland Government's vision of Queensland being a world-leader in drone technology and application.

    Queensland Government Performance Management Framework Policy

    Provides a structure for agencies to meet legislated performance management requirements.

    Queensland Multicultural Action Plan 2022–23 to 2023–24 – DPC Annual Report 2022–23

    Details the actions taken under the Queensland Government's multicultural policy and action plan.

    Reframing the relationship plan

    plan details our commitment and path forward as we reframe and build stronger relationships with Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

    DPC Strategic Plan 2023-2027

    Strategic plans

    Outlines how the department will support the Premier and the government to serve Queenslanders. They outline the vision, role and objectives of the department, along with the contributing strategies, values and key priorities.

    Strategic workforce plan

    Provides the overarching framework for building a diverse, skilled and agile workforce capable of delivering DPC’s vision and objectives.

    Waste Reduction and Recycling Plan 2021–2024

    Outlines the framework and direction the department has chosen to adopt as its commitment to promote waste avoidance and reduction.

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    Last updated:
    18 March, 2024
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    31 July, 2023