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    Agency Planning Requirements

    Details the provisions and processes for preparing strategic, operational and specific purpose plans.

    Queensland Government Performance Management Framework Policy

    Provides a structure for agencies to meet legislated performance management requirements.

    Annual Report Requirements for Queensland Government Agencies

    A summary of the relevant legislation and reporting requirements for Queensland Government agencies.

    Corporate identity and state emblems

    Outlines the history of our state emblems and the distinctive Queensland features they represent.

    Criminal Justice Evaluation Framework

    Helps Queensland Government agencies review their criminal justice programs and initiatives.

    Flying of flags on State Government buildings (.doc, 132 KB)

    Sets out the practice for flying flags on or adjacent to State Government buildings in Queensland.

    Flying the Flag—The State of Queensland flag (PDF, 920 KB)

    Information about flying the State of Queensland flag, including use of the flag, special occasions on which the flag should be flown, and flying the flag at half-mast.

    Government handbooks

    Details processes of government through policy and administrative handbooks.

    Guidelines for senior public servants

    Information on the employment and lobbying restrictions for CEO/SES or equivalent senior government officers.

    Privacy of Personal Information Guide

    Ensures all personal information is managed with integrity and adheres to a set of information privacy principles.

    State Protocols

    Involves ceremonial matters, Royal visits, managing the Queensland Free Flag Scheme, addressing guests, and organising state receptions.

    Queensland Government principles for intergovernmental activities

    Guiding future Queensland Government involvement in intergovernmental activities.

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    26 October, 2020
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