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    Government relationships

    The Queensland Government, through the Department of the Premier and Cabinet, works with Australian and international governments to develop a range of collaborative programs and initiatives.

    National Federation Reform Council
    The National Federation Reform Council (NFRC) was established by National Cabinet in May 2020. The NFRC meets at least annually and includes Federal, State, and Territory First Ministers and Treasurers, and the Australian Local Government Association.

    National Cabinet
    The National Cabinet, comprised of the Prime Minister and First Ministers from across Australia, was established in March 2020 with an initial focus on preparation for, management of and recovery from COVID-19. The National Cabinet has met frequently over the course of the pandemic to make collective decisions, informed by experts including the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee. In May 2020, the Prime Minister and First Ministers decided the National Cabinet should continue beyond the COVID-19 pandemic with a strong focus on job creation.

    Council for the Australian Federation
    The Council for the Australian Federation (CAF) brings together Premiers and Chief Ministers from across Australia to support our national system of government and enhance essential services for all Australians. The Premier of Queensland is the Chair of CAF for 2021.

    Cross-border collaboration
    Queensland and NSW have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to strengthen cross-border arrangements and improve responses to natural disasters in both states.

    Queensland-Papua New Guinea Memorandum of Understanding
    Queensland has signed a four-year Memorandum of Understanding with Papua New Guinea, outlining key priority areas of cooperation between the two governments.

    Principles for Intergovernmental Activities
    The Queensland Government’s principles, guiding Queensland Government involvement in intergovernmental activities.

    Council of Australian Governments
    The Council of Australian Governments (COAG) was the leading intergovernmental forum in Australia. It facilitated cooperative action of Australian governments and developed and managed a range of national policy reform issues. In 2020, National Cabinet dissolved COAG and decided to continue National Cabinet and established the National Federation Reform Council.

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    Last updated:
    6 December, 2021
    Last reviewed:
    6 December, 2021