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    Queensland Government principles for intergovernmental activities

    The Queensland Government will advance the best interests of Queenslanders in all intergovernmental activities.

    In all intergovernmental activities, both formal and informal, Queensland Government Ministers and agencies will seek to act in accordance with the Principles for Intergovernmental Activities, as outlined below.



    Queensland will proactively engage in intergovernmental activities with a focus on seeking out opportunities and proactively positioning Queensland by leveraging strategic negotiating frameworks at the earliest opportunity.

    Outcomes focused

    Queensland will focus on achieving the best outcomes for Queenslanders in all intergovernmental activities based on cost-benefit analysis and risk assessments.

    Aligned to priorities

    Queensland will ensure intergovernmental activities are aligned to the Queensland Government’s whole-of-government interests and priorities. In doing so, agencies will also ensure intergovernmental activities align with the Human Rights Act 2019 (Qld). Early engagement with central agencies is important to ensure identification of issues in a whole-of-government context.

    Best practice agreements

    Queensland will work to ensure agreements are fit-for-purpose, ensure appropriate accountability at each level of government, and do not contribute to further overlap or duplication between levels of governments. Queensland will seek flexibility and ensure appropriate exit planning is undertaken to ensure all options remain available to Queensland.

    Positive overall impact

    Queensland will prioritise intergovernmental activities that maximise the positive budgetary impact on Queensland. Cost-benefit analysis will be holistic and address upfront implementation costs as well as ongoing operational costs, risks and legal liability associated with any changes in responsibility or regulatory function. This includes consideration of the impact of fiscal equalisation affecting distribution of GST revenue among states and territories.  

    For additional guidance on intergovernmental processes and procedures, please refer to the Queensland Cabinet Handbook.

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    Intergovernmental Relations, Department of the Premier and Cabinet, can provide further assistance in all intergovernmental matters:

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    Last updated:
    21 May, 2021
    Last reviewed:
    21 May, 2021