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    Legislative Requirements

    The Disability Services Act 2006 requires all Queensland Government departments to develop and implement DSPs. Plans must be developed and implemented at least once every three years.

    The DSP will ensure each department has regard for:

    • Human rights principles
    • Service delivery principles
    • Government's policies for people with disability.

    When developing DSPs, departments are required to consult with other agencies and the lead agency, the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disabilities. The plan must:

    • Identify the issues relating to service delivery to people with disability by the department
    • State the ways issues will be addressed
    • Indicate the consultation with other agencies to achieve a whole-of-Government approach
    • Be published on the department's website on the intranet.

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    Last updated:
    26 July, 2017
    Last reviewed:
    13 May, 2014