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    Compliments and complaints

    At the Department of the Premier and Cabinet (DPC) we want to hear your feedback—good or bad—to help us ensure we are delivering quality services.

    All complaints will be treated in the strictest confidence and in accordance with the privacy principles contained in the Information Privacy Act (2009) (Qld). Please also see the department’s privacy page.

    Between 1 July 2022 and 30 June 2023, DPC received no customer complaints regarding DPC staff or actions.


    If you would like to compliment us on something we've done well, you can give us your feedback online or by:

    • Writing to:
      Department of the Premier and Cabinet
      PO Box 15185
      City East, Qld, 4002
    • Phone:
      • within Australia: 13 QGOV (13 74 68)
      • international: +61 7 3022 6100 (+10 hours UTC)


    The department is committed to effective complaints management and will deal with all complaints against our actions, decisions or officers’ conduct in a responsive, confidential and fair manner.

    Step 1. Try to resolve the complaint informally

    If you have a complaint to make, discuss your concerns with the area responsible for the service. You may be able to resolve the complaint informally. Contact us on 13 QGOV (13 74 68) and we will put you through to the relevant business area.

    Step 2. Make a formal complaint

    If your concern can't be resolved or you are unhappy with the outcome, you can lodge a formal complaint. Your complaint will be managed in accordance with our complaints management policy. You can make a verbal or written complaint. Wherever possible, it's best to contact us in writing so we can accurately investigate all aspects of your complaint.

    Anonymous complaints and those submitted by an authorised third party will be accepted, either verbally or in writing, using the following methods.

    Written complaints

    Complaints can be submitted online or in writing.

    To make a complaint in writing, you can download and complete the lodgement form or use it as a guide for writing to us.

    Return your written complaint to us marked  "Complaint" to:

    • Director-General
      Department of the Premier and Cabinet
      PO Box 15185
      City East, Qld, 4002

    Verbal complaints

    To make a verbal complaint, you can contact us and have the following information ready:

    • your name and contact details (or the name and contact details of the person for whom you are an authorised representative)
    • full details of the events, dates and places concerning the complaint
    • the names of others who may have witnessed or have information about the complaint
    • any other evidence that supports the complaint
    • the desired outcome.

    The Queensland Government Translation and Interpreting services are available for complainants who are unable to speak or write in English. They are available via or by phoning 131 450.  For people with hearing or speech impairments, please use the National Relay Service on 133 677.  Any costs associated with these services will be met by the department.

    Step 3. Resolving your complaint

    Once we have your complaint we will work with you to resolve it. Our policy is that:

    • complaints will be investigated without prejudice
    • complaints will be dealt with confidentially
    • complainants will be treated respectfully
    • complainants will not suffer any reprisal from the department or its officers for making a complaint.

    How long will it take?

    We will acknowledge your complaint within five working days of receiving it. Where possible the matter will be finalised within 20 working days.

    This acknowledgement will outline how the complaint will be managed, including an estimated timeframe for resolution and if necessary, how progress reports will be provided. 

    In the event of an investigation proving more complex and requiring more time than previously advised, the rationale for the extended time will be communicated to you, and you will be kept informed on a regular basis of progress with your complaint.

    Sensitive and complex complaints that need more detailed investigation and analysis may take longer to finalise. In these circumstances, we will tell you the reason for the extended time and regularly update you on the complaint's progress.

    Step 4. Unresolved complaints

    If you are not satisfied with how your formal complaint was resolved, you can contact The Queensland Ombudsman.

    The Queensland Ombudsman's Office is an independent complaints investigation agency. Their role is to ensure that public agencies act fairly and make the right decisions for Queenslanders.

    Note: A complaint that is determined not to be regarding the services or actions of the department may be referred to another agency (i.e. the relevant department, the Crime and Corruption Commission or the Queensland Ombudsman). In this case, you will be notified of this referral in writing.

    Corrupt conduct and Public Interest Disclosures

    DPC is required to address certain types of complaints in specific ways. Complaints regarding potential corrupt conduct and matters that could be regarded as a Public Interest Disclosure are managed under the relevant DPC procedure, along with the DPC Complaint Management Policy.

    You can read the:

    Please note that it is not necessary for a complainant to identify a matter as potentially corrupt conduct or a Public Interest Disclosure. It is the responsibility of the department to assess a complaint as such, where appropriate, and manage the matter in accordance with the relevant procedure.

    A complaint regarding corrupt conduct or a Public Interest Disclosure should be made to the department in the same way as any other complaint. See above for more information on submitting a complaint.

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    Last updated:
    16 February, 2024
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    8 September, 2023