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    Strategic Plan 2015-2019

    Our vision

    We make a real and tangible difference today and our contributions will be recognised by future generations.

    Our role

    As the lead central agency of the Queensland public service, the Department of the Premier and Cabinet:

    • serves the Premier and Cabinet
    • provides whole-of-government leadership, coordination and assurance
    • acts as a respected point of resolution
    • ignites and advocates innovative policy and service delivery solutions
    • harnesses the collective strengths of government, industry and the community

    ...for the benefit of Queenslanders.

    Measures of success

    • Enhanced workforce capability and capacity.
    • Improved customer satisfaction and engagement.
    • Recognised for leadership and innovation.
    • Better systems, processes and outcomes.
    • Increased impact and return on investment.


    • Support the Premier to set the strategic direction of government.
    • Ensure the effective development, coordination and implementation of policy.
    • Build confidence in government.
    • Deliver outstanding results and value-for-money for Queenslanders.
    • Provide leading insight, advice and services.
    • Attract and retain a talented and diverse workforce.


    To create value and deliver our objectives we will:

    • lead with integrity, transparency and accountability in the Westminster tradition
    • engage with people early, foster collaboration and better understand stakeholder perspectives
    • ensure objective and impartial advice based on evidence, learning from evaluation and leveraging outside expertise
    • focus on those issues central to improving our living standards and Queensland's economic performance into the future
    • lead complex, cross-portfolio projects and initiatives
    • foster innovation to improve the performance of public services
    • strengthen our workforce, governance, and systems to better implement government priorities.

    Key priorities for 2015–16

    • Develop effective policies and programs to support jobs and economic growth.
    • Lead a whole-of-government focus on social inclusion and social innovation.
    • Strengthen environment protection and management.
    • Increase access to the arts.
    • Play a leadership role in federalism and tax reform.
    • Strengthen engagement with the community to inform policy settings and services.
    • Work with Queensland Treasury and agencies on government's fiscal strategy and performance.
    • Be an employer of choice, with an engaged and happy workforce.


    • Ineffective customer and stakeholder engagement.
    • Misaligned policy priorities.
    • Organisational capability and systems are not fit for purpose.
    • Lack contemporary thinking, tools and practices.
    • Short-term issues trump long-term strategy.

    Our values

    Customers first Ideas into action Unleash potential Be courageous Empower people

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    Last updated:
    18 May, 2016
    Last reviewed:
    1 July, 2015