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    Strategic Plan 2016–2020

    Our vision

    We make a real and tangible difference today and our contributions will be recognised by future generations.

    Our role

    As the lead central agency of the Queensland public service the department serves the Premier and Cabinet, building confidence in and driving an innovative government, while providing whole-of-government leadership to deliver outstanding results and value for money for Queenslanders.

    Objectives for the community

    DPC collaborates across the whole of government to develop policy to support the Government’s objectives for the community of:

    • fostering regional solutions to create job opportunities and economic development through innovation, investment and infrastructure development
    • building safe, caring and connected communities through strengthening policy development to build social cohesion
    • protecting the environment through collaboration with agencies and the Australian Government to develop innovative solutions to counteract the effects of climate change
    • delivering quality frontline services, building confidence in government and effectively leading the Queensland public service.

    Measures of success

    • Workforce capability
    • Customer satisfaction and engagement
    • Leadership and innovation
    • Systems, processes and outcomes
    • Return on investment

    Key priorities for 2016–17

    • Lead a whole-of-government focus on policy development for:
      • jobs and economic growth
      • social cohesion with attention on domestic and family violence prevention
      • protecting and managing the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage area
      • shaping the Advance Queensland agenda
      • advancing the Queensland Government’s North Queensland priority projects
    • Encourage diversity and new models of working for our staff in the 1 William Street environment
    • Play a leadership role in addressing state/federal challenges in education and health reform
    • Manage investment programs that support arts and cultural organisations and arts capital infrastructure projects
    • Strengthen community engagement to better inform policy direction.


    • Customers and stakeholders are not effectively engaged
    • Policy priorities lack innovation and evidence base
    • Regional issues are not addressed successfully
    • Misaligned organisational capacity and capability
    • Lack of agility to respond to changes and disruptions.


    • Support the Premier to set the strategic direction of government
    • Lead the development, coordination and implementation of effective and innovative policy solutions
    • Maintain a robust system of government with disciplined Cabinet and Executive Council systems and processes
    • Lead Queensland’s engagement with the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) and other whole-of-government interjurisdictional activities
    • Lead planning and delivery of whole-of-government communication
    • Provide strategic advice and coordination of the Premier’s official overseas visits and functions
    • Deliver the legislative program for Queensland
    • Support Queenslanders’ access to arts and cultural experiences to enable growth of the arts sector and a strong community of arts
    • Attract and retain a talented and diverse workforce.


    To create value and deliver our objectives we will:

    • lead with integrity, transparency and accountability in the Westminster tradition
    • engage with people early, foster collaboration and better understand stakeholder perspectives
    • ensure objective and impartial advice based on evidence, learning from evaluation and leveraging outside expertise
    • focus on those issues central to improving our living standards and Queensland’s economic performance into the future
    • lead complex, cross-portfolio projects and initiatives
    • foster innovation to improve the performance of public services
    • strengthen our workforce, governance and systems to better implement government priorities.

    Our values

    Customers first Ideas into action Unleash potential Be courageous Empower people

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    Last updated:
    30 June, 2016
    Last reviewed:
    1 July, 2015