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    Corporate governance

    Corporate Governance Group (CGG)

    This group meets monthly to support the role of the Director-General to oversee the operations of the department.

    Chaired by the Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Director-General, Public Sector Renewal, CGG also includes the following members:

    • Deputy Director-General, Policy Division
    • Deputy Director-General, Special Projects Division
    • Queensland Parliamentary Counsel
    • General Manager, Government Services
    • General Manager, Corporate Services
    • General Manager, Public Sector Renewal
    • Senior Executive Director, Social Policy
    • Senior Executive Director, Economic Policy.

    The role of CGG is to:

    • consider impacts of whole-of-government initiatives, including renewal actions, on the department’s activities
    • consider workforce capability and industrial relations developments impacting on the DPC workforce and approve strategies and programs
    • monitor the department’s financial and non-financial performance
    • prioritise and monitor ICT projects (exceeding budget of $500,000)
    • activate DPC’s service area Business Continuity Plans and undertake activities detailed in DPC’s Business Continuity Framework in the event of a crisis
    • act as a forum for strategic information sharing.

    The Audit and Risk Management Committee (ARMC)

    The ARMC’s Charter was developed with reference to Queensland Treasury and Trade’s Audit Committee Guidelines. Under the Charter the role of ARMC is to provide independent assurance and assistance to the Director-General on the areas of responsibility:

    • risk, compliance and control frameworks
    • internal and external audit issues
    • performance management
    • financial reporting.

    ARMC meets quarterly and consists of two external members, two members from the department and two members from the Public Service Commission (PSC):

    • Jenny Parker, external member (Chair)
    • Neil Jackson, external member
    • Jon Grayson, Director-General
    • Ross Musgrove, Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Director-General, Public Sector Renewal
    • Andrew Chesterman, Commission Chief Executive, PSC
    • Peter McKay, Deputy Commissioner, Workforce Renewal and Operations, PSC.

    The General Manager, Corporate Services, the Chief Finance Officer and the Head of Internal Audit have standing invitations to observe at committee meetings.

    Remuneration paid to external members for the 2013–14 year totalled $2,292 (exclusive of GST).

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    Last updated:
    20 August, 2018