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    DPC’s role and functions

    Since its inception in 1859, when Queensland separated from New South Wales, the Department of the Premier and Cabinet (DPC) has been responsible for coordinating delivery of whole-of-government priorities to Queenslanders and managing the administrative responsibilities of government.

    The Premier’s ministerial portfolio also includes the Public Service Commission, the Office of the Governor and the Queensland Audit Office that support the Premier and government. (For further information, please refer to each agency’s Annual Report.)

    In July 2014, the Priority Projects Division was superseded by the Special Projects Division to bring all taskforces together.


    Managing the strategic risks associated with the delivery of the Premier's five pledges to:

    • Grow a four pillar economy.
    • Lower the cost of living.
    • Invest in better infrastructure and use better planning.
    • Revitalise front-line services.
    • Restore accountability in government.

    Supporting the government's objectives by delivering the following priorities in 2013-14:

    • Implement Commission of Audit recommendations.
    • Establish a Priority Projects Division that will:
      • lead the development of the Queensland Plan
      • implement the Open Data initiative.
    • Prepare for the Anzac Centenary Commemoration.
    • Prepare for G20.


    The department is committed to the ethics values of the Public Sector Ethics Act 1994, and will also be guided by the following values:

    • Customer focus.
    • Innovation.
    • High performance.
    • Accountability.

    Strategic Plan 2012-2016

    (Version 2 – April 2013)


    The best public sector in Australia: efficient, modern and service-oriented.


    Support the Premier and Cabinet and the delivery of the Premier’s five pledges.


    1. Provide the Premier and Cabinet with independent, rigorous and forward-looking policy advice.
    2. Lead a resilient, innovative public sector.
    3. Develop organisational capability and agility.
    4. Develop a long-term strategic vision for Queensland.


    • Inspire innovation and efficiency through leading by example.
    • Cultivate a high-performing and professional workforce.
    • Nurture strategic relationships with stakeholders.
    • Lead the delivery of key whole-of-government priority projects and initiatives.

    Key performance indicators

    • Customer satisfaction.
    • Premier's satisfaction.
    • Cabinet's satisfaction.
    • Government commitments delivered on time.

    The Strategic Plan has been updated to include new initiatives and priorities to be undertaken during 2013–14, approved by the Corporate Governance Group on 3 April.

    During 2013–14, DPC’s KPI results indicated that Minister’s had an overall satisfaction rating of 83 per cent. Directors-General, Cabinet Legis- lation and Liaison Officers and Senior Policy Officers indicated a 96 per cent satisfaction rating. The Premier has committed to report to Queenslanders every six months on the government’s progress towards delivery of the five pledges. The progress made on each of the govern- ment’s commitments from the 2012 election is published at

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    20 August, 2018
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