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    Government and Executive Support Service (GES)

    GES provides services to a range of key clients and stakeholders including the Premier, Cabinet, Executive Council, Ministerial Offices, Assistant Ministers, the Office of the Leader of the Opposition, Government bodies, Commissions of Inquiry, dignitaries and the broader community. GES is comprised of the State Coordination of Legal Representation Unit and Government Services, which in turn consists of the Anzac Centenary Coordination Unit, Appointments and Constitutional Services, Ministerial Services and Strategic Engagement and Protocol.

    GES contributed to the department’s strategic objectives by providing:

      • support to the Premier as the head of executive government
      • constitutional and administrative support to Parliament
      • strategic relationships with stakeholders to support delivery of our services.
    Service standards Notes 2013–14
    Est. Actual
    % client satisfaction with support and advice provided by State Affairs 1 85% 92% 92%
    % client satisfaction with support and advice provided by State Services 1 85% 85% 85%

    % client satisfaction with support and advice provided by Corporate Services

    2 85% .. ..

    % operating budget utilised in delivery of service

    3 99% 100% 99%

    Cost of corporate services as a % of departmental cost

      .. 15% 15%
    1. This measure has been replaced by a new service standard to better reflect the provision of services being delivered by this service area following an internal restructure.
    2. Comprehensive restructuring and streamlining of Corporate Services to redefine business roles and responsibilities was still being finalised in 2013–14. The annual internal client survey will be conducted in 2014–15 and results reported in the 2014-15 Annual Report.
    3. This measure has been discontinued for reporting purposes as it is not an indication of efficiency or effectiveness of the service area.

    2013–14 major achievements:

    • Identified opportunities to hold or support major commemorative events through 2014–18, such as the parliamentary launch of Queensland’s Anzac Centenary commemorations on 5 August 2014, and supported a live telecast of the critically-acclaimed Queensland play Black Diggers to nine major regional locations on 8 October 2014.
    • Launched the Anzac Centenary website, providing a central hub for information about Anzac Centenary events, grants program, legacy projects plus general historical background information on the First World War, and information on commemorative activities.
    • Created and distributed the Queensland Anzac Centenary e-newsletter to subscribers.
    • Delivered round one of the Queensland Anzac Centenary grants program, providing $1.492 million to support more than 50 Queensland community-organised activities.
    • Launched the Queensland Remembers: WW1 Centenary Fund to raise capital in support of Centenary legacy projects.
    • Revised the Remuneration Procedures for Part-Time Chairs and Members of Queensland Government Bodies, providing a more consistent and easier to use approach to determining remuneration for Chairs and members of Queensland Government bodies.
    • Undertook preparatory constitutional work for the swearing-in of the Governor.
    • Revised and published an updated Queensland Ministerial Handbook that now reflects current government policy.
    • Used new technology and innovative formats to deliver a number of stakeholder and community events in celebration of Queensland Week and Australia Day.
    • Leveraged sponsorship opportunities for the state by delivering cost-effective whole-of-government communication mechanisms, including the successful trials of a state-wide information newsletter and centralised media monitoring:
      • the newsletter trial was funded from significant savings as a result of the government’s commitment to reducing advertising expenditure by 20 per cent
      • the media monitoring trial ensured value for money and provided additional services, while helping drive a 24 per cent reduction in government departments’ media monitoring costs. Hosting the Master Media standing offer arrangement saved 30 to 60 per cent for advertising placement, compared to the corporate market.
    • Provided support for key departmental and whole-of-government initiatives including public service
      renewal, Open Data, The Queensland Plan, Anzac Centenary and G20 Cultural Celebrations.
    • Coordinated the official and community aspects of the Official Visit by Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to Brisbane.
    • Coordinated 53 official visits by senior foreign officials and Foreign Heads of Mission including for representatives from China, the United States of America, the Republic of Korea, the European Union, Italy, New Zealand and Brunei.
    • Coordinated the State Funeral for Sir Jack Brabham AO OBE.
    • Worked with other Queensland Government departments to coordinate instructions for the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.
    • Worked with other Queensland Government departments to coordinate instructions for the Queensland Racing Commission of Inquiry.

    In 2014–15 PACCS will:

    • provide strategic advice on issues of constitutional and administrative reform and support the Governor and Executive Council
    • support Ministerial Offices, Assistant Ministers and the Office of the Leader of the Opposition
    • deliver the Swearing-In ceremony for the Governor
    • deliver other events of state-wide significance including Queensland Week and Australia Day
    • coordinate high-level official visits and functions
    • monitor, manage and deliver Anzac Centenary legacy projects in partnership with the State Library of Queensland, Queensland Museum, and Brisbane City Council
    • provide secretariat support to the Queensland Advisory Committee for the Commemoration of the Anzac Centenary, the Anzac Centenary Queensland Government Working Group, the grants program independent assessment panel the Queensland Veterans’ Advisory Council, and to represent Queensland at the Commonwealth Anzac Centenary cross-jurisdiction working groups.

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    Last updated:
    20 August, 2018
    Last reviewed:
    20 October, 2014