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    Office of the Queensland Parliamentary Counsel (OQPC)

    OQPC was established as a statutory authority under the Legislative Standards Act 1992 on 1 June 1992. As part of DPC, this office has significant state-wide impact.  Its responsibilities include drafting legislation for the Queensland Government and Private Members of Parliament, setting standards for delegated legislation (for example, local government by-laws and university statutes) and publishing the Queensland statute book and information about legislation.


    Main challenges in 2013-14:

    • Draft, within tight timeframes, succinct, user-friendly and error-free legislation that has regards to fundamental legislative principles.
    • Progress eLegislation project to streamline the drafting, publishing and accessibility of legislation.
    • Contribute drafting and publishing services to the delivery of the Premier's top policy priorities, including reduction in regulatory burden.


    OQPC is committed to the ethics values of the Public Sector Ethics Act 1994, and will also be guided by the following values:

    • Customer focus.
    • Innovation.
    • High performance.
    • Accountability.

    Strategic Plan 2012-2016

    (Version 2 – April 2013)


    Committed to excellence in Queensland legislation


    Support government and democracy by drafting and publishing legislation for Queensland.


    1. Draft Queensland legislation of the highest standard.
    2. Provide access to Queensland legislation of the highest standard.
    3. Maximise OQPC's organisational capability and agility.


    • Identify and adopt best practice in legislative drafting and publishing.
    • Cultivate a high-performing, resilient and innovative workforce.
    • Nurture strategic relationships with clients, stakeholders and partnering entities.

    Key performance indicators

    • Government legislative program delivered on time.
    • Client satisfaction with drafting services.
    • Client satisfaction with accessibility and publishing services.
    • Premier's satisfaction with contribution to reduction in regulatory burden.

    Efficient and effective legislative drafting service Queensland legislation is of the highest standard Queensland legislation, and legislation information, is readily available

    100% client satisfaction rating for drafting services

    98.1% client satisfaction with quality of drafting product

    95% client satisfaction rating for access to legislation available online

    91.3% of changed current law available within 24 hours of changes taking effect

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    Last updated:
    20 August, 2018
    Last reviewed:
    20 October, 2014