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    Our leaders

    Jon Grayson


    Jon was appointed Director-General of the Department of the Premier and Cabinet in March 2012, bringing substantial experience in infrastructure development and investment management, as well as the economic reforms of the 1980s and 1990s.

    For the two years prior to his appointment, Jon was principal and founder of Queensland Infrastructure Partners, an advisory and transaction arranging firm specialising in infrastructure investment.

    He was previously a senior executive with a major international advisory and investment firm.

    Jon’s investment banking experience was primarily in the infrastructure and energy sectors. He led successful bids for infrastructure assets such as the Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal. This experience included two years as Chief Executive of Prime Infrastructure, which became one of Australia's largest infrastructure funds, during its establishment and subsequent initial public offering on the Australian Stock Exchange.

    Prior to his investment banking career, Jon had a long career in Queensland Treasury and Queensland Treasury Corporation (QTC) giving him a good understanding of government policy objectives and processes. He led major reform processes within government including the development and implementation of the Suncorp-Metway merger, and the major review of QR Corporatisation.

    At QTC, Jon managed the state’s overseas borrowing program, and led the Structured Finance Group. He arranged and executed a range of financing solutions for government-owned-corporations and statutory bodies, including cross-border lease transactions over Queensland Government owned rail and electricity assets.

    Ross Musgrove

    Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Director- General, Public Sector Renewal

    Ross Musgrove is the Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Director-General, Public Sector Renewal for the Department of the Premier and Cabinet.

    Ross previously served as Deputy Commissioner, Public Service Commission.

    In his role, Ross delivers strong leadership for large-scale reform across the public sector and leads the delivery of corporate and government services by the Department of the Premier and Cabinet.

    Ross is responsible for:

    • leading the Commission of Audit implementation, including the application of contestability to government services
    • leading the Public Sector Renewal Board reviews of Queensland Government agencies
    • facilitating the day-to-day running of the department, focusing on business improvement and embedding core values.

    Ross is a clerk of the Executive Council of Queensland and a member of the Council for the Order of Australia.

    Ross also represents the Queensland Government on a range of Commonwealth and state government boards and committees.

    David Hourigan

    Deputy Director-General, Policy

    David was appointed Deputy Director-General, Policy in September 2013 with responsibility for:

    • developing specific policy advice and responses for the Premier on key issues
    • coordinating and developing Queensland’s position on key national issues and conducting negotiations with other states and the federal government
    • tracking and reporting on implementation of decisions by Cabinet and Cabinet Budget Review Committee (CBRC)
    • coordinating high-level social and economic policy advice for the Premier and Cabinet
    • establishing taskforces to develop detailed responses to specific policy problems identified by the Premier and Cabinet (e.g. Environmental taskforce, Child Safety taskforce in response to the Carmody Report, Federalism and Fiscal Reform taskforce)
    • chairing the Child Protection Reform Leaders Group in response to the Carmody Report, with responsibility for leading reform of Queensland’s child protection system
    • coordinating and developing a whole-of-government response to The Queensland Plan, a 30-year vision for Queensland
    • coordinating Cabinet and CBRC meetings and processes.

    Prior to his current role, David was the Executive Director of Economic Policy in DPC advising the Premier, Cabinet and CBRC on the economic and financial implications of government initiatives.

    Previously, David was Executive Director of the Passenger Transport Division in the Department of Transport and Main Roads where he was responsible for delivering programs and/or policy advice on buses, trains, taxis, cycling and walking in Queensland.

    David holds a degree in public administration from the Queensland University of Technology.

    Jamie Merrick

    Deputy Director-General, Special Projects

    Joining DPC in late 2013–14, and then taking on the role of Deputy Director-General, Special Projects, Jamie has responsibility for delivering significant projects transferred to Special Projects division, to deliver on the following taskforces:

    • Environmental taskforce
    • Child Safety taskforce
    • Federalism and Fiscal Reform taskforce
    • whole-of-government response to The Queensland Plan, a 30-year vision for Queensland
    • G20 and G20 Cultural Program.

    Prior to his current role, Jamie was seconded from the Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning, where he is the Deputy Director-General, to relieve in the role of Deputy Director-General, Policy while David Hourigan took long service leave.

    Jamie originates from Leicester, England and held a number of roles with the East of England Development Agency (EEDA) in the UK, including most recently as Executive Director of Strategy. He was responsible for:

    • the development of the East of England Regional Economic Strategy, which set out long-term ambitions for the UK's fastest growing and most research-intensive regional economy
    • led work to evaluate the effectiveness of $1 billion of economic development investment in the east of England and piloted innovative approaches to infrastructure investment planning and delivery.

    His other roles at EEDA included Director of Sustainable Development where he was responsible for the major physical regeneration and employment programs, investing some $120 million a year.

    From September 2010, Jamie was seconded to the Department of Business Innovation and Skills to develop policy on future economic development and business support arrangements in the UK. Previously, he has worked in the global exports division of a high growth ICT company in Cambridge, as well as having held roles in higher and further education.

    Theresa Johnson

    Queensland Parliamentary Counsel

    Theresa is the Queensland Parliamentary Counsel and chief executive of the Office of the Queensland Parliamentary Counsel (OQPC).

    Theresa has a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) from the University of Queensland and a Master of Law from Cambridge University. She is admitted as a lawyer and has experience in the private and university sectors.

    She commenced her career in legislative drafting with the Australian Parliamentary Counsel in Canberra and joined the OQPC in 1991—a crucial time in the transformation of the Queensland statute book. She had a pivotal leadership role in a major reform of OQPC systems and practice and had key involvement in the policy and legislation that established OQPC, as well as in Queensland’s interpretive legislation.

    Theresa was appointed Queensland Parliamentary Counsel in February 2010. She is the third person, and first woman, to hold this position.

    Theresa has broad interests in public sector leadership and management and corporate governance and completed the ANZSOG Executive Fellows Program in November 2013.

    Annette O’Callaghan

    Deputy Parliamentary Counsel

    Annette was appointed Deputy Parliamentary Counsel in 2010. Annette has a Bachelor of Laws from the Queensland University of Technology and began her legal career at Crown Law. Annette is a solicitor and first joined OQPC in 1993, before undertaking senior drafting and leadership roles in Victoria and New South Wales, where she drafted significant legislation on behalf of the Australasian Parliamentary Counsel’s Committee.

    Annette has responsibility for delivering the legislative program for a number of agencies. Annette also has responsibility for OQPC’s information systems and eLegislation project.

    Paul McFadyen

    Deputy Parliamentary Counsel

    Paul was appointed Deputy Parliamentary Counsel in 2014. Paul has a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) from the Queensland University of Technology and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Queensland. He began his legal career at the Australian Customs Service. Paul has been a valued member of OQPC since 1998 and recently undertook a year’s interchange with the New South Wales Parliamentary Counsel’s Office.

    Paul has responsibility for delivering the legislative program for a number of agencies. He also has responsibility for the quality assurance of draft legislation and for publication of Queensland legislation and information about Queensland

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