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    Public Sector Renewal (PSR)

    PSR is responsible for the implementation of the Queensland Government’s Renewal Program and the recommendations accepted from the Commission of Audit (CoA).

    The service supports the work of the Public Sector Renewal Board (PSRB), which provides strategic leadership of the Public Sector Renewal Program (PSRP) to assist departments to shape their strategic direction and define and implement their renewal program.

    On 1 October 2013, as part of the machinery of government changes, the PSR transferred from the Public Service Commission (PSC) to the Department of the Premier and Cabinet (DPC). The move provided better strategic alignment between the Queensland renewal program and DPC’s vision to be ‘the best lead public sector with an efficient, modern and customer-focused public service’.

    PSR contributed to the department’s strategic objectives by:

    • delivering government priorities and improved performance of public services
    • implementing the Open Data initiative
    • leading implementation of Commission of Audit recommendations.

    2013–14 major achievements included:

    • Commissioned the whole-of-government Customer Satisfaction Survey that showed the Queensland Government compares favourably with other jurisdictions throughout Australia.
    • Developed whole-of-government Integrated Renewal and CoA Implementation Plans to drive public sector productivity and apply contestability to government services. As a result, all agencies have commenced renewal reviews and 19 agencies have presented to the PSRB.
    • Supported the PSRB to lead renewal across government and host renewal forums for public sector leaders on topics to transform the public sector and drive economic development.
    • Supported the Renewal Oversight Committee to lead implementation of the CoA recommendations across government.
    • Held the inaugural Premier’s Awards for Open Data, showcasing digital talent and innovation in the use of Queensland Government data, which included interesting apps and web services.

    In 2014–15, PSR will:

    • coordinate and provide strategic support to the PSRB and Renewal Oversight Committee to implement whole-of-government transformational change, including implementation of CoA recommendations
    • collaborate with agencies to identify renewal opportunities and redesign business processes to deliver innovative and enhanced service delivery and measures for efficiency and cost-effectiveness
    • partner with the private and not-for-profit sectors, academia and other experts to determine opportunities for market- design approaches that drive greater value-for-money for government services
    • commission further customer satisfaction market research and publish results online
    • coordinate the 2014 Premier’s Awards for Open Data, cementing Queensland’s lead in the release of open data across the nation with the resulting digital innovation helping to drive the economy.

    Performance measures for PSR will be reported in the 2014–15 Annual Report.


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    Last updated:
    20 August, 2018