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    Statutory reports

    Ministerial and Other Office Holder Staff

    The Ministerial and Other Office Holder Staff Act 2010 (the Act) provides a discrete framework for the employment of Ministerial staff, staff of the Office of the Leader of the Opposition and staff of other non-government Members of Parliament (where determined necessary based on the composition of the Legislative Assembly).

    The employer for these staff is the Director-General, DPC who employs staff on the recommendation of the Premier, the Leader of the Opposition, or relevant Member of Parliament respectively.

    During 2013–14 there were no staff employed under the Act to support a non-government Member of Parliament other than the Leader of the Opposition.

    The Act covers the work performance and conduct of staff members through the inclusion of performance and personal conduct principles, ethics values and a specific provision that staff members are not empowered to direct public servants in their own right.

    The Act provides that the Director-General, DPC may issue directives or guidelines about employment matters. In the preceding 12 months there have been no new directives issued under the Act.

    A total of 314 staff were employed under the Act for the financial year ending 30 June 2014, with 230 staff employed as at 30 June 2014.

    Government bodies

    Queensland Advisory Committee for the Commemoration of the Anzac Centenary

    The role of the Queensland Advisory Committee for the Commemoration of the Anzac Centenary is to oversee the program of commemorative activities for the centenary of the First World War across Queensland during 2014–18, and to ensure that the contribution made by Queenslanders is recognised with appropriate honour and dignity.

    The committee provides advice to the Premier through the Honourable Glen Elmes MP, Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Multicultural Affairs and Minister Assisting the Premier on how Queensland will commemorate the Anzac Centenary between 2014–18.

    Members of the committee are Mark Evans (Chair November 2012 to May 2014), Andrew Craig (Chair June 2014 to present), Yassmin Abel-Magied (until 5 June 2014), Turgut Allahmanli, Arthur Burke, Brad Cordery, Ross Eastgate, Craig Evans, Alex Garlin, Terry Meehan, Suzanne Miller, Ross Musgrove, Bradley Saunders, Stuart Smith, Alison Stanley, Stephen Tait, Logan Timms, Janette Wright and Nick Xynias. All members are appointed until 30 June 2019.

    During 2013–14 the committee:

    • reviewed and made recommendations on applications for the Anzac Centenary grants program (round one), applications for financial assistance for major commemorative events and on key elements of Queensland’s Centenary program
    • met eight times and had expenses totalling $3,054.13 (exclusive of GST).

    Queensland Veterans’ Advisory Council

    The Queensland Veterans’ Advisory Council was established on 10 December 2013 to provide a forum for the Queensland veterans’ community to communicate directly with the highest levels of the Queensland Government. The council meets biannually to provide advice to the government on matters relating to veterans and to promote the wellbeing of veterans in Queensland.

    Members of the council are Danny O’Kearney (Chair), Andrew Craig, Ben Roberts-Smith VC, Vivian Quinn, Edward Chitham, Trevor Rigby, Helen Strange, Robert Shortridge, Tony Ralph, Ann Stephenson and Chris Richards. All members are appointed until 13 February 2016.

    During 2013–14 the committee:

    • reviewed integration and coordination with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, federal minister and other jurisdictions and outlined key challenges facing ex-servicemen and women in Queensland
    • held its inaugural meeting on 9 April 2014 and had expenses totalling $2,421.59 (exclusive of GST).

    Queensland Commemorative Events and Celebrations Committee (QCEEC)

    The role of the QCECC is to provide advice and assistance with strategies that enhance community engagement, participation and pride in the Australia Day and Queensland Week programs. To achieve this, QCECC liaises with all levels of government, industry, business and the community.

    Members of the committee are Phillip Di Bella (Chair), Helen Besley, Greg Dunk, Wesley Enoch, Marayke Jonkers, Libby Marshall, Ross Musgrove, John Penglis, Allan Pidgeon, Councillor Paul Pisasale, Peter Rule AM RFD, Delia Townsend and Nick Xynias AO BEM. All current members are appointed until 30 November 2014.

    During 2013–14 the Committee:

    • reviewed and made recommendations on the Australia Day and Queensland Week programs, including the endorsement of new programs, sponsors and promotional opportunities
    • met four times and had expenses totalling $1,106.90 (exclusive of GST).

    Queensland Independent Remuneration Tribunal (the Tribunal)

    The Tribunal was administratively established on 16 July 2013 and legislatively established as an independent statutory authority under the Queensland Independent Remuneration Act 2013 (the Act) on 9 August 2013. The role, functions and responsibilities of the Tribunal under the Act are to review remuneration in connection with MPs and former MPs and make determinations about this remuneration (salary, allowances or entitlements).

    In undertaking this role, the Tribunal must consult with and consider the views of the Clerk of the Queensland Parliament to ensure that:

    • allowances paid to an MP reflect the reasonable expenses incurred by an MP in servicing their electorate and that these allowances are not a substitute for other remuneration
    • certain matters, including accommodation and services in the parliamentary precinct and other accommodation services entitlements, under the Queensland Ministerial Handbook and Queensland Opposition Handbook are not taken into account.

    The Tribunal is required to provide written reasons for its determinations and provide a copy of the determination and reasons to the Clerk of the Parliament for tabling. In performing its functions the Tribunal must act independently, impartially and fairly.

    Members of the Tribunal are: Professor Tim Brailsford, Mr David Harrison and Ms Joanne Jessop.

    All current members are appointed until 15 July 2016.

    During 2013–14 the Tribunal:

    • met on 26 occasions
    • developed a public website
    • undertook a comprehensive public consultation process resulting in 2,568 submissions from members of the public, MPs and former MPs
    • made four determinations on the remuneration of MPs.

    Determination 1/2013 was handed down on 15 October 2013. This Determination set the base salary at $148,848 from 1 July 2013 and streamlined the allowances and entitlements system while making it more accountable and transparent. Approximately 30 allowances were reduced to three, an Electorate Allowance, Information and Communication Allowance and General Travel Entitlement.

    Determination 2/2013 set new rates for the Daily Travel Allowance and addressed minor issues arising during the implementation of Determination 1/2013.

    Determination 3/2014 set the additional salary levels for office holders (i.e. the Premier, Deputy Premier, Ministers, Leader of the Opposition) of the Queensland Parliament and removed two allowances.

    Determination 4/2014 amended the definition of Parliamentary Business.

    Total expenses for the Tribunal for 2013–14 were $156,987 consisting of:

    • total remuneration expenses for all members of $49,888
    • establishment costs (including non-recurrent set up costs involved in producing the first Determination within a three month period) of $84,940
    • supplies and services costs of $19,883 (exclusive of GST).

    Public Sector Renewal Board (PSRB)

    The Premier established the Public Sector Renewal Board in June 2012 to oversee, and provide advice to Cabinet on public sector renewal.

    The PSRB has significant expertise, corporate knowledge and proven experience in public sector management and leading change in government agencies.

    Membership comprises:

    • Director-General, DPC, Jon Grayson (Chair)
    • Under-Treasurer, QTT, Mark Gray
    • Board Chair, PSC, Dr Doug McTaggart (external)
    • Chancellor, University of Western Sydney, Professor Peter Shergold AC (external)
    • New South Wales Premier’s ANZSOG Chair of Public Service Delivery, Professor Gary Sturgess AM (external).

    During 2013–14, the PSRB supported Directors-General to implement recommendations from the Commission of Audit and worked with all public sector agencies to focus on customers and find the best way to deliver services.

    The PSRB also hosts leading renewal forums attended by Directors-General and senior executives.

    Presenters and topics have included:

    • Dr Brett Heyward, Director-General, Department of Natural Resources and Mines on transforming the department to drive economic development
    • PSRB member Professor Peter Shergold on lessons from public sector renewal across Australia
    • Neil Castles, Director-General, Department of Housing and Public Works on transferring management of social housing in Logan to the community services sector.

    During 2013–14, 10 meetings were held at a total cost of $132,135.06 (exclusive of GST).

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