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    Director-General’s report

    In presenting the 2014–15 Annual Report I am proud to reflect on the way the Department of the Premier and Cabinet has committed itself to providing leadership, coordination and assurance—not only internally, but across government.

    Our vision as a department is to make a real and tangible difference today and have our contributions recognised by future generations. This vision underpins all aspects of our work, from the way our teams operate in developing strategies that support jobs, economic growth and social inclusion, through to our continuing efforts to strengthen our engagement with the community.

    A number of strategies help guide us towards achieving our vision, including a commitment to engage with people earlier and better understand stakeholder perspectives, to foster collaboration and innovation to improve the performance of public services, and above all to lead with integrity, transparency and accountability.

    During 2014–15, the department including the Office of the Queensland Parliamentary Counsel, commenced and implemented a range of new initiatives, including:

    • swearing-in of a new Governor of Queensland, a new Premier and a new Ministry
    • supported the Special Taskforce on Domestic and Family Violence in Queensland to undertake its review and publish its comprehensive report Not Now, Not Ever – Putting an End to Domestic and Family Violence in Queensland
    • coordinated and led implementation of the reform of the child protection system through the Child Protection Reform Leader Group
    • worked collaboratively with government departments to build a framework to enhance social cohesion and counter violent extremism in Queensland
    • developed Safe Night Out Strategy addressing concerns regarding alcohol-fuelled violence
    • finalised Reef 2050 Long-Term Sustainability Plan
    • produced 469 legislative instruments, totalling 12,193 pages
    • supported Anzac Centenary commemoration activities and events throughout Queensland
    • delivered G20 Leaders Summit and the Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors’ Meeting (F20)
    • announced the Arts Business Innovation Fund – a new philanthropic arts funding partnership between the Queensland Government and the Tim Fairfax Family Foundation
    • implemented a refreshed Arts and Cultural Investment Framework to grow economic, social, cultural and artistic returns on Queensland Government investment.

    The past year has brought changes to the scope and outlook of the department. It is a pleasure to welcome Arts Queensland and the Corporate Administration Agency into our portfolio, as part of machinery of government arrangements.

    With the close of 2014–15 and a promising year ahead, I thank the department for its dedication and look forward to continuing to work with people who are committed to making a difference.

    Dave Stewart

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    Last updated:
    4 July, 2016