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    Our people

    At DPC our people are our greatest asset and throughout 2014–2015 we used the five public service values as inspiration and guidance when developing and delivering workforce initiatives that support our people and build agency engagement.

    Our results from the 2014 Employee Opinion Survey (EOS) were outstanding, with response rates, engagement and employee satisfaction well above sector averages. These results were used to identify action areas in our business plans.

    DPC’s workforce 2014–15

    • Employed 626.92 full-time equivalent employees (FTEs) including 57.53 FTEs in the Office of the Parliamentary Counsel, 127.46 in Arts Queensland and 69.84 in the Corporate Administration Agency.
    • Had a part-time workforce of 16.52 per cent.
    • Three FTEs provided a range of corporate support services to the department’s client agencies, including the Public Service Commission.
    • The average age of our workforce is 41.65 compared to the service-wide average of 44.00 years.
    • Women accounted for 65.66 per cent of our workforce, with 52.27 per cent occupying senior officer and executive roles.
    • The permanent separation rate for 2014–15 was 3.42 per cent.
    • Five employees received redundancy packages at a total cost of $543,257 during 2014–15 (no early retirement or retrenchment packages were paid during this period).

    In 2014–15, DPC:

    • utilised change as an opportunity to challenge business conduct and drive continuous improvement
    • redesigned workforce practices to drive organisational efficiency and effectiveness in a contemporary environment
    • introduced the Best Program in July 2014 as a mechanism for employees to promote their ideas for workplace improvement, build a positive workplace environment and strengthen employee engagement
    • formed an employee-driven Health and Wellbeing Committee to assist employees build healthier lives by fostering a workplace culture that supports them to make healthy lifestyle choices
    • implemented a program for recognising individual and team performance
    • launched the corporate social responsibility plan to build awareness and partnerships to support not-for-profit and non-government organisations.

    Public Sector Ethics Act 1994

    DPC continued to support the principles identified under the Public Sector Ethics Act 1994 by delivering Code of Conduct training to 149 employees during 2014–15. The training focused on integrity and accountability, and was delivered online through the DPC iLearn.

    Future directions for 2015–16

    • Progress our policy development initiatives with participants undertaking individual coaching sessions that will assist in identifying our future policy capability development focus areas.
    • Continue:
      • to refine our performance development process through the implementation of an automated process to record, track and report on performance
      • our preparations for our transition to 1 William Street in 2016 ensuring that our employees are ready for this move and our workforce culture supports our new workplace arrangements
      • to build on our excellent Working for Queensland Employee Opinion Survey results celebrating our successes and implementing key workforce actions at the business unit and departmental level.

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    Last updated:
    4 July, 2016
    Last reviewed:
    2 October, 2014