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    Government executive support

    Government executive support is delivered by Government Services and Corporate Services.

    Government Services provides policy and operational advice and support to the Premier in relation to constitutional, executive government and machinery-of-government matters. Government Services also supports the administration of business before Executive Council, provides support services to Ministerial Offices and the Leader of the Opposition, and manages and coordinates the Anzac Centenary commemoration program.

    Corporate Services delivers high quality corporate support to customers and stakeholders using contemporary systems and processes, as well as increasing employee engagement and capability by investing in organisational culture and developing a talented and diverse workforce.

    Key achievements for 2015–16

    • Conducted an Australia-wide analysis on the functioning of Executive Councils to ensure administrative processes remain at the forefront of current practice.
    • Supported the state referendum on fixed four-year parliamentary terms.
    • Managed the establishment of three new ministerial offices and an additional Assistant Minister and the transition of a new Leader of the Opposition.
    • Delivered engaging commemorative events and specific tailoring of the Australian War Memorial’s Spirit of Anzac Centenary Experience tour to ensure its relevance to regional Queenslanders, resulting in the highest levels of regional engagement in the country to date.
    • Administered the Queensland Anzac Centenary grants program, for 186 community projects across Queensland, with a total value of more than $4.1 million.
    • Engaged Queenslanders in the Anzac Centenary commemoration program by coordinating and delivering a range of legacy projects, commemorative events and communication activities across Queensland.
    • Provided strong corporate governance built on a model of integrity, accountability and transparency for internal and external stakeholders.
    • Supported planning and change initiatives to facilitate the transfer of staff to 1 William Street.
    • Provided customers and stakeholders with modern, efficient and technologically advanced systems and processes to enable and support workforce agility and productivity.
    • Inducted and facilitated placements of 32 new Policy Future Graduates within DPC and across 11 other participating government agencies to build the next generation of policy professionals.
    • Developed a new online Performance Development Agreement system that integrates DPC’s learning and management systems, and provides better alignment between performance, development and career progression.

    Our performance

    The following service standards in DPC’s Service Delivery Statement were used by the department and the government to assess overall performance of the government executive support service area.

    Government executive support Notes 2015–16
    Target / Estimate
    Service: Government Services
    Customer satisfaction with support and advice provided by Government Services 1 85% 96%
    Cost of Government Services as a % of departmental cost 2 14% 11%
    Service: Corporate Services
    Customer satisfaction with support and advice provided by Corporate Services 3 85% 98%
    Cost of Corporate Services as a % of departmental cost 4 14% 14%


    1. This service standard informs on overall satisfaction levels with quality, timeliness and support provided by Government Services and is derived from an annual client survey. Customers are Ministers, Directors-General and their agency’s Cabinet Legislation and Liaison Officers and Senior Policy Officers.
    2. This service standard informs on the overall cost of Government Services as a percentage of the total departmental budget.
    3. This service standard informs on the overall satisfaction level of internal customers on services provided by Corporate Services. Customers are departmental officers including the Director-General and executive management.
    4. This service standard informs on the overall cost of Corporate Services as a percentage of the total departmental budget.

    Future directions for 2016–17

    • Facilitate the transition to 1 William Street for DPC staff and Ministerial Offices.
    • Provide Queenslanders with opportunities to engage with the Anzac Centenary by managing delivery of legacy projects, commemorative events, a community grants program, and producing communication and marketing activities to educate and engage both regional and metropolitan communities.
    • Deliver the strategic review of the Queensland Audit Office.
    • Build policy capability through greater mobility of existing policy professionals across government and through the commencement of a second whole-of-government Policy Futures Graduate Program cohort in 2017.
    • Implement the fixed four-year parliamentary terms.

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    Last updated:
    17 February, 2017
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