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    Compliance checklist

    Summary of requirement Basis for requirement Annual report reference
    Letter of compliance A letter of compliance from the accountable officer or statutory body to the relevant Minister/s ARRs—section 7 Letter of compliance
    Accessibility Table of contents

    ARRs—section 9.1 Contents

    Public availability ARRs—section 9.2 Communication objective
    Interpreter service statement Queensland Government Language Services Policy

    ARRs—section 9.3
    Communication objective
    Copyright notice Copyright Act 1968

    ARRs—section 9.4
    Information licensing QGEA—Information Licensing

    ARRs—section 9.5
    Communication objective
    General information Introductory information ARRs—section 10.1 Director-General’s report
    Agency role and main functions ARRs—section 10.2 Government objectives for the community

    List of legislation
    Operating environment ARRs—section 10.3 Director-General’s report
    Non-financial performance Government’s objectives for the community ARRs—section 11.1 Director-General’s report

    Government objectives for the community
    Other whole-of-government plans / specific initiatives ARRs—section 11.2 About the department
    Agency objectives and performance indicators ARRs—section 11.3 About the department
    Agency service areas and service standards ARRs—section 11.4 Key achievements
    Financial performance Summary of financial performance ARRs—section 12.1 Financial summary
    Governance—management and structure Organisational structure ARRs—section 13.1 DPC’s roles and functions
    Executive management ARRs—section 13.2 Our leaders
    Government bodies (statutory bodies and other entities) ARRs—section 13.3 Statutory bodies
    Public Sector Ethics Act 1994 Public Sector Ethics Act 1994

    ARRs—section 13.4
    Our people
    Queensland public sector values ARRs—section 13.5  
    Governance—risk management and accountability Risk management ARRs—section 14.1 Risk management
    Audit committee ARRs—section 14.2 Audit and Risk Management Committee
    Internal audit ARRs—section 14.3 Internal audit
    External scrutiny ARRs—section 14.4 External scrutiny
    Information systems and recordkeeping ARRs—section 14.5 Corporate support functions
    Governance—human resources Workforce planning and performance ARRs—section 15.1 Our people
    Early retirement, redundancy and retrenchment Directive No.11/12 Early Retirement, Redundancy and Retrenchment

    Directive No.16/16 Early Retirement, Redundancy and Retrenchment (from 20 May 2016)

    ARRs—section 15.2
    Our people
    Open Data Statement advising publication of information ARRs—section 16 Open data

    Consultancies ARRs—section 33.1 Open data

    Overseas travel ARRs—section 33.2 Open data

    Overseas travel
    Queensland Language Services Policy ARRs—section 33.3 Open data

    Queensland Language Services Policy
    Financial statements Certification of financial statements FAA—section 62

    FPMS—sections 42, 43 and 50

    ARRs—section 18.1
    Financial statements
    Independent Auditors’ Report FAA—section 62

    FPMS—section 50

    ARRs—section 18.2
    Financial statements
    Remuneration disclosures Financial Reporting Requirements for Queensland Government Agencies

    ARRs—section 18.3
    Financial statements


    • FAA Financial Accountability Act 2009
    • FPMS Financial and Performance Management Standard 2009
    • ARRs Annual report requirements for Queensland Government agencies

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    Last updated:
    15 February, 2018
    Last reviewed:
    30 January, 2018