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    Disability Service Plan 2014–2016

    The Disability Services Act 2006 provides a strong foundation for promoting the rights of people with a disability, increasing their well being, and encouraging their participation in the community. The Department of Communities has established a 10 year plan, Absolutely everybody: enabling Queenslanders with a disability (Absolutely everybody), to improve access and participation in all aspects of community life. The plan's vision is that by 2021, Queensland will be inclusive of all its citizens, including those Queenslanders with a disability, enabling them to lead valued and fulfilling lives.

    The Department of the Premier and Cabinet has developed and implemented a Disability Service Plan to both support this vision and uphold the Disability Services Act 2006. In line with Absolutely everybody and the Absolutely everybody: Whole-of-Government Action Plan 2011-2014, the Department of the Premier and Cabinet's Disability Service Plan 2014-2016 details actions the department will take to improve access to its services, information and facilities for people with a disability, their families and carers. This three year plan focuses on greater choice and control, as well as improved pathways to help people with a disability access services and systems.


    The plan identifies the following Absolutely everybody priorities for action:

    • rights and responsibilities
    • inclusive communities
    • technology and innovation
    • valued roles in the community and in employment
    • strong natural networks
    • responsive and effective disability support system
    • partnerships.

    The department will report its progress against the plan annually to the Department of Communities.

    Read the plan

    Download the full version:

    Disability Service Plan 2014–2016 (PDF, 266KB)

    Or browse sections of the Disability Service Plan 2014–2016:

    Disability Service Plan Progress Report 2015

    As part of the Disability Service Plan, the Department of the Premier and Cabinet is required to report its progress against the plan annually.

    You can download the second report:

    Disability Service Plan Progress Report 2014

    You can download the first report:

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