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    Complaints Management Policy

    The Department of the Premier and Cabinet's complaints management system includes policies and procedures for dealing with complaints from staff and the community about our services or actions.

    By applying diligent and prompt attention to complaints this helps us to:

    • identify your needs as a client and stakeholder
    • understand our business shortcomings
    • increase client satisfaction
    • improve overall performance.


    If you have a complaint we encourage you to discuss your concerns with the area responsible for the service.

    If your concern cannot be resolved or you are unhappy with the outcome, you can lodge a verbal or written complaint to our department.

    All complaints will be dealt with in a responsive, confidential and fair manner and will be managed in accordance with our complaints policy.

    Find out how to make a formal complaint, or read the Complaints Management Policy:

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    Last updated:
    17 August, 2020
    Last reviewed:
    12 August, 2020