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    4.4 Messages from the Governor

    The Constitution of Queensland 2001, section 68, requires a message from the Governor for particular types of Bills. The section is as follows:

    68 Governor’s recommendation required for appropriation

    1. The Legislative Assembly must not originate or pass a vote, resolution or Bill for the appropriation of—
      1. an amount from the consolidated fund; or
      2. an amount required to be paid to the consolidated fund;
        that has not first been recommended by a message of the Governor.
    2. The message must be given to the Legislative Assembly during the session in which the vote, resolution or Bill is intended to be passed.

    This ensures the government maintains control over budgetary measures.

    Practically, it is OQPC that requests a Governor’s message from State Affairs within the Department of the Premier and Cabinet and State Affairs arranges for the Governor’s message to be obtained. The signed message is then forwarded to the Clerk of the Parliament.

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    Last updated:
    13 November, 2013
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    13 November, 2013