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    4.15 Private members' Bills and amendments during consideration in detail

    Private members’ Bills are generally handled by the Legislative Assembly in the same way as government Bills, except that they are debated during times set aside for General (private members’) Business. Private members do not have a statutory obligation to provide explanatory notes for private members’ Bills, but ordinarily do so. In relation to amendments during consideration in detail, the Legislative Assembly agreed to the following motion on 7 November 2001:

    The House encourages all members who intend to move amendments to a Bill to circulate the proposed amendments in the House and where appropriate explanatory notes to these amendments.

    There are special issues that arise if a non-government member asks OQPC to prepare amendments during consideration in detail for a Bill. The drafter deals with the member’s request as a new and separate task, and can not divulge information about the member’s proposed amendment to the government. The drafter, in providing a service to a non-government member, does not assume the role of policy adviser but does fulfil OQPC’s function under the Legislative Standards Act 1992 to provide advice on achieving the policy objectives by alternative means and on fundamental legislative principles.

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