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    4.11 Third reading and long title

    After the Bill has been considered in detail (and possibly amended during that stage), the sponsoring Minister, with leave, proposes a motion that the Bill be read a third time. When the motion is agreed to, the Bill is read a third time by the Clerk of the Parliament reading aloud its short title.

    After the third reading, the Bill’s long title is then agreed to, and the Bill is then said to have been passed by the Legislative Assembly, even though it does not become a law of Queensland until it receives assent from the Governor. After a Bill’s third reading, no further questions can be put.

    Important details about this stage are set out in the Standing Rules and Orders of the Legislative Assembly, chapter 27 and The Queensland Parliamentary Procedures Handbook.

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    Last updated:
    15 January, 2020
    Last reviewed:
    13 November, 2013