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    Strategic Plan 2023–2027

    Our vision

    An informed and influential department that delivers for Queenslanders.

    Our role

    We lead the public sector to provide government with the best advice for the best outcomes.

    Through our strategic objectives

    • Outstanding advice supporting good decision-making.
    • Better service delivery for Queenslanders.
    • An accountable and effective government.
    • An informed and connected Queensland.
    • An empowered, effective and accountable department.

    we support the government's objectives for the community.

    Good jobs:

    Good, secure jobs in our traditional and emerging industries

    • Supporting jobs
    • Backing small business
    • Making it for Queensland
    • Investing in skills

    Better services:

    Deliver even better services right across Queensland

    • Backing our frontline services
    • Keeping Queenslanders safe
    • Connecting Queensland
    • Educating for the future

    Great lifestyle:

    Protect and enhance our Queensland lifestyle as we grow

    • Protecting the environment
    • Growing our regions
    • Building Queensland
    • Honouring and embracing our rich and ancient cultural history

    We value and respect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures in all that we do.

    We respect, protect and promote human rights in our decision-making and actions.

    Our principles

    Bold but faithful

    We approach our work with courage and candour for the people of Queensland.

    Get it done

    We take responsibility and see things through.

    Back the facts

    We seek the best approach backed by experience, expertise and evidence.

    Listen and lead

    We work together and with others to achieve great outcomes.

    Lift each other up

    We champion and support each other and take pride in our work together.

    Our strategic objectives

    Through our strategic objectives we contribute to the government’s objectives for the community.

    Outstanding advice supporting good decision-making

    Our measures
    • Overall satisfaction with leadership and engagement in the policy development process.
    • Overall client satisfaction with Cabinet and Parliamentary support.
    • Overall client satisfaction with intergovernmental relations services.
    • Provide excellent policy advice, research and reform proposals to support effective decision making.
    • Enlist behavioural economics and research insights to inform good decisions, engagement and communications.
    • Embrace First Nations’ people and communities across Queensland to inform innovative and culturally inclusive decisions and service delivery.
    • Ensure outstanding Cabinet and parliamentary support.
    • Provide support to achieve the best outcomes for Queensland in intergovernmental forums.

    Better service delivery for Queenslanders

    Our measures
    • Overall client satisfaction with advice and support relating to performance management and reporting requirements.
    • Improve outcomes in existing programs and implement new approaches to drive delivery of the government’s priorities.
    • Strengthen implementation of the government’s Performance Management Framework across the public sector and drive delivery of the government’s commitments.

    An accountable and effective government.

    Our measures
    • Overall client satisfaction with governance support and advisory services.
    • Provide efficient and effective support for Executive Council.
    • Provide policy and operational advice on government boards, executive government, constitutional and machinery of government and public accountability matters.
    • Provide effective support to ministerial offices and the Office of the Leader of the Opposition.

    An informed and connected Queensland.

    Our measures
    • Overall client satisfaction with engagement and events support.
    • Lead whole of government strategic communications, to ensure efficient and aligned public messaging.
    • Lead, partner and coordinate community engagement programs and events that align with government priorities.
    • Provide strategic support and advice on international engagements and forums to advance Queensland’s interests.

    An empowered, effective and accountable department.

    Our measures
    • Our employees demonstrate high levels of leadership, trust, agility, innovation, inclusion and collaboration.
    • Our clients are satisfied with DPC services.
    • Develop, attract and retain a skilled and capable workforce.
    • Cultivate an inclusive and diverse workplace that is healthy and safe and supports workforce needs.
    • Effectively and efficiently manage and develop our resources to support the work of the department.
    • Continuously improve corporate governance, security and risk management practices.
    • Drive the development of optimal, future-focused business processes and systems.

    Our strategic risks

    • Plan for and maintain robust information technology solutions and protect against cyber threats.
    • Engage our stakeholders and communities effectively to progress the government’s priorities.
    • Deliver policy and governance advice that upholds public confidence and trust in the department and government.
    • Deploy available resources effectively to adapt to changing priorities.
    • Invest in our people, processes, and systems to effect good governance processes for accountable and transparent decision making.

    Our strategic opportunities

    • Prioritise the attraction, retention and development of a skilled workforce, providing a safe and supportive workplace to support departmental and whole-of-government service delivery.
    • Employ effective and innovative implementation to ensure timely delivery of departmental and whole of government priorities.
    • Optimise our business resilience to climate change variability, disasters or other disruptive events.

    The Office of the Queensland Parliamentary Counsel is a statutory office within the Department of the Premier and Cabinet. View their strategic plan at

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    20 March, 2024
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    20 March, 2024