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    Queensland Multicultural Action Plan Annual Report 2017–18 — 'Our story, our future'

    The Department of the Premier and Cabinet (DPC), is dedicated to actively growing and supporting a culturally diverse community that is both united and harmonious, as well as building organisational cultural competency.

    The department's Queensland Multicultural Policy and Queensland Multicultural Action Plan 2016–17 — 2018–19 Annual Report 2017–18 details actions taken under the Queensland Government's multicultural policy and action plan by DPC and the Public Service Commission. The policy focuses government action on the following three priority areas for people from culturally diverse backgrounds and for Queensland as a whole:

    1. Priority 1: Culturally responsive government.
    2. Priority 2: Inclusive, harmonious and united communities.
    3. Priority 3: Economic opportunities.

    We are Queensland small grants program

    In 2017 the Queensland Government launched the 'We are Queensland' small grants program, which was introduced under the broader Cohesive Communities action plan, celebrates the diversity and individuality of Queenslanders and delivers on the government commitment to building safe, caring and connected communities.

    The grants program was an opportunity to give Queenslanders the boost they needed to help link families and individuals to community services and neighbourhood activities, and encourage more respect and understanding between social and cultural groups.

    Throughout 2017–18 the grants were advertised under the ‘We are Queensland’ campaign across social media channels with a focus on broad reach and visibility. High engagement with the grants program demonstrated a strong level of community and Queensland pride and belonging, and a desire to enhance this on a local, community level.

    Programs and initiatives driven from the grants program are delivering against social cohesion objectives in local communities across Queensland until the end of 2018—find out more at

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    Last updated:
    27 September, 2018
    Last reviewed:
    27 September, 2018