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    Queensland Multicultural Action Plan 2022–23 to 2023–24 — Department of the Premier and Cabinet Annual Report 2022–23

    The Department of the Premier and Cabinet (DPC) is dedicated to actively growing and supporting a culturally diverse community that is both united and harmonious, as well as building organisational cultural competency.

    Queensland Government agencies with actions in the Queensland Multicultural Action Plan  2022–23 to 2023–24 are required to publish an annual report detailing action for the previous year. This annual report focuses on action undertaken in 2022–23 by DPC to three priority areas:

    • Priority 1: Culturally responsive government.
    • Priority 2: Inclusive, harmonious and united communities.
    • Priority 3: Economic opportunities.

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    Last updated:
    3 October, 2023
    Last reviewed:
    21 September, 2022