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    Queensland Multicultural Action Plan Annual Report 2016–17 — 'Our story, our future'

    The Department of the Premier and Cabinet (DPC) including Arts Queensland and the Arts Statutory Bodies, is dedicated to actively growing and supporting a culturally diverse community that is both united and harmonious, as well as building organisational cultural competency.

    The department's Queensland Multicultural Policy and Queensland Multicultural Action Plan 2016–17 — 2018–19 Annual Report 2016–17 details actions taken under the Queensland Government's multicultural policy and action plan. The policy focuses government action over the next 3 years on the following 3 priority areas for people from culturally diverse backgrounds and for Queensland as a whole:

    1. achieving culturally responseive government
    2. supporting inclusive, harmonious and united communities
    3. improving economic opportunities.

    We are Queensland

    In 2016, the Queensland Government established the Queensland Social Cohesion Implementation Committee as a step towards enhancing social cohesion in our communities. The Committee developed the Cohesive Communities action plan, with priorities and strategies focused on supporting individuals, their families and communities to be better integrated.

    A key focus of the action plan was delivery of a statewide communication and engagement campaign, aimed at improving the sense of belonging for all Queenslanders, building an understanding of the benefits of cultural diversity and reducing the incidence of marginalisation and isolation.

    We are Queensland launched on 27 June 2017, with television, social media and digital advertising targeting Queenslanders to initiate and facilitate conversation around social inclusion, supported by the hashtag #WeAreQLD

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    Last updated:
    9 July, 2018
    Last reviewed:
    29 September, 2017