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    About the department

    The Department of the Premier and Cabinet (DPC) is the lead agency of the Queensland Government.

    DPC is a responsive, effective and accountable agency that serves the Premier and Cabinet and the people of Queensland. Our vision is to make a positive difference for Queenslanders now and in the future.

    We work with our stakeholders across government, leading the policy engagement and development process to drive and steward solutions. We provide objective and balanced advice, while leveraging external expertise from industry and feedback from the community.

    Pursuing the best strategic advantage for the state in national and international forums, we seek to ensure Queensland can capitalise on existing and emerging relationships and opportunities, so Queensland is prepared for the challenges of the future. 

    We ensure a robust system of government in our support for the Premier and Cabinet and we work to develop and empower our workforce so we can provide the highest level of public service.

    DPC contributes to the government's objectives for the community — Our Future State: Advancing Queensland's Priorities — working collaboratively in coordination, communication, monitoring and reporting roles.

    DPC also contributes directly to policy initiatives to deliver on each of the government priorities — Create jobs in a strong economy; Give all our children a great start; Keep Queenslanders healthy; Keep communities safe; Protect the Great Barrier Reef; and Be a responsive government.

    With a population now well over 5 million, Queensland is one of Australia's most rapidly growing states and DPC is focused on anticipating and responding to local and global change effecting Queensland so we can maintain our competitiveness to meet future challenges. We work to fulfil Queenslanders' expectations of government engaging with communities across the state, achieving informed, timely and effective outcomes for Queenslanders regardless of where they live.

    DPC works in an often complex and contestable environment. Each year, we measure our success as part of our ongoing commitment to continuous improvement. We set our customer satisfaction targets high at 85 per cent across our service areas and are focused on continuing to provide valuable and effective public service. Further information on results relating to our specific services are included throughout the report.

    Strategic Plan 2018–22

    The department's performance against the Strategic Plan 2018–22 is addressed in the following sections of the annual report: Policy Advice and Coordination, and Cabinet Support; Strategy and Engagement; Government Services; and Our people.

    Innovative, effective policy Strategic advantage for Queensland Strong, accountable government A high‑performing workforce
    Lead the policy development process across government, ensuring effective outcomes for Queenslanders. Inform the strategic direction of government. Ensure a strong system of government. Maintain a high performing and responsive workforce.


    Lead the development of forward-thinking, high-quality and integrated policy in collaboration with our stakeholders across government.

    Coordinate the Government Cabinet program.

    Provide advice and support on whole-of-government performance management and reporting, and monitor and report on the government's priorities and commitments.


    Lead future-focused strategy and policy development to support the delivery of the government's priorities.

    Advocate Queensland's strategic interests and positions in intergovernmental and international forums.

    Coordinate and provide strategic advice for the Premier's official overseas visits and functions.

    Lead the planning and delivery of whole-of-government strategic communications and events, including stakeholder and community engagement programs.


    Coordinate the Executive Council program and provide constitutional support to the Governor.

    Lead policy and operational advice on Government boards, executive government, constitutional and machinery of government matters.

    Provide corporate services to ministerial and opposition offices.


    Empower our people to perform to their highest level.

    Foster a culture that inspires our people to collaborate, lead and act to enhance their impact in our organisation.

    Provide efficient and effective business processes and systems.

    Demonstrate effective fiscal management to align services and outcomes to government priorities.

    Deliver strong governance and risk management.


    Our clients are satisfied with our engagement in the policy development process and with support provided by Cabinet Services.


    Our clients are satisfied with strategic advice and support provided by Strategy and Engagement.


    Our clients are satisfied with Government Services' support and advice.


    Our employees are positive about their job empowerment, and the department's organisational innovation, leadership and engagement.

    Organisational structure

    DPC organisational structure
    • Ministerial Portfolio Premier and Minister for Trade
      • Department of the Premier and Cabinet
        • Director-General
          • Strategy and Engagement
            • Integrated Communications and Protocol
            • Intergovernmental Relations
            • Strategic Policy
          • Policy
            • Economic Policy
            • Environmental Policy
            • Social Policy
            • Policy Futures
          • Corporate and Government Services
            • Corporate Services
            • Executive Correspondence Unit
            • Government Services
            • Anzac Centenary Coordination Unit
          • Cabinet Services
            • Cabinet and Parliamentary Services
            • Performance Unit
          • Office of the Queensland Parliamentary Counsel
            • Legislative Drafting
            • Legislation and Business Services
      • Public Service Commission
      • Integrity Commissioner
      • Office of the Governor
      • Queensland Audit Office
      • Trade and Investment Queensland
      • Screen Queensland

    DPC primarily operates out of 1 William Street, Brisbane and delivers its services through the structure outlined in the organisational chart. In 2018–19 the department opened four new regional offices in addition to the existing Townsville office. DPC's regional offices are located at:

    • Cairns Office: Level 4, 5B Sheridan Street, William McCormack Place, Cairns
    • Townsville Office: Ground Floor, 445 Flinders Street, Townsville
    • Mackay Office: Level 4, 44 Nelson Street, Mackay
    • Toowoomba Office: Level 1, 203 Tor Street, Wilsonton Heights, Toowoomba
    • Longreach Office: Ground Floor, 10357 Landsborough Highway, Longreach.

    Other entities in the Premier's portfolio

    The Premier's ministerial portfolio also includes the Public Service Commission, Queensland Integrity Commissioner, Office of the Governor, the Queensland Audit Office, Screen Queensland and Trade and Investment Queensland. For further information, please refer to each agency's annual report. For Screen Queensland, refer to their tabled Financial Statements.

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