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    Statutory reports

    Government bodies

    As part of the Premier’s portfolio, the following bodies have annual report arrangements as indicated:

    Name of body Constituting Annual Report arrangements

    Anzac Day Trust

    Anzac Day Act 1995

    See boards and committees section

    Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Council

    Terms of Reference

    See boards and committees section

    Office of the Governor

    Constitution of Queensland 2001

    Separate annual report prepared

    Office of the Queensland Parliamentary

    Legislative Standards Act 1992

    Included in DPC’s annual report and
    separate annual report prepared

    Organising Committee for the Brisbane 2032
    Olympic and Paralympic Games

    Brisbane Olympic and Paralympic
    Games Arrangements Act 2021

    Separate annual report prepared*

    Public Service Commission

    Public Service Act 2008

    Separate annual report prepared

    Queensland Audit Office

    Auditor-General Act 2009

    Separate annual report prepared

    Queensland Independent Remuneration Tribunal

    Queensland Independent Remuneration Tribunal Act 2013

    Separate annual report prepared and see boards and committees section

    Queensland Integrity Commissioner

    Integrity Act 2009

    Separate annual report prepared

    Queensland Plan Ambassadors Council

    Queensland Plan Act 2014

    See boards and committees section

    Screen Queensland Pty Ltd

    Corporations Act 2001 (Cth)

    See tabled financial statements and see boards and committees section

    *A separate annual report will be prepared for the first time for the 2022–2023 financial year.

    Ministerial and other office holder staff

    The Ministerial and Other Officer Holder Staff Act 2010 (the Act) provides a discrete framework for the employment of ministerial staff, staff of the Office of the Leader of the Opposition, and staff of other non-government members of parliament (where determined necessary based on the composition of the Legislative Assembly).

    The Director-General of DPC employs these staff on the recommendation of the Premier, the Leader of the Opposition or relevant member of Parliament respectively.

    During 2021–2022, there were no staff employed under the Act to support a non-government member of Parliament other than the Leader of the Opposition.

    The Act covers the work-performance and conduct of staff members through the inclusion of performance and personal conduct principles; ethics values and a specific provision that staff members are not empowered in their own right, to direct public servants.

    The Act provides that the Director-General of DPC may issue directives or guidelines about employment matters. In the preceding 12 months there have been no directives issued under the Act.

    A total of 349 staff were employed under the Act for the financial year ending 30 June 2022, with 245 staff employed as at 30 June 2022.

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    Last updated:
    21 March, 2023
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    21 March, 2023