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    Glossary of terms

    AASB Australian Accounting Standards Board
    AL Annual Leave
    ANZAC Australia and New Zealand Army Corps
    APES Accounting Professional Ethical Standards
    AQ Arts Queensland
    ARMC Audit and Risk Management Committee
    ARRs Annual report requirements for Queensland agencies
    ATO Australian Taxation Office
    CAA Corporate Administration Agency
    CGG Corporate Governance Group
    COAG Council of Australian Governments
    CTH (Cth) Commonwealth
    DFV Domestic and Family Violence
    DPC Department of the Premier and Cabinet
    EBA Enterprise Bargaining Agreement
    eDRMS Electronic Document Records Management System
    FAA Financial Accountability Act 2009
    FBT Fringe Benefit Tax
    FPMS; Financial and Performance Management Standard 2019
    FTE Full-time equivalent
    GST Goods and Services Tax
    ICT Information and communication technology
    ISO International Standards Organisation
    ISSN International Standard Serial Number
    KPM Key Management Personnel
    LDeP Legislative Drafting and ePublishing
    LEaPS Legislation Editing and Publishing Services
    LSL Long Service Leave
    MOHRI Minimum Obligatory Human Resources Information
    NSW New South Wales
    OQPC Office of the Queensland Parliamentary Counsel
    OSSSIO One Stop Shop Strategy and Implementation Office
    PMO Program Management Office
    PSC Public Service Commission
    QAO Queensland Audit Office
    QGAO Queensland Government Accommodation Office
    QGCIO Queensland Government Chief Information Office
    QGIF Queensland Government Insurance Fund
    QTC Queensland Treasury Corporation
    QuILLS Queensland Integrated Legislation Lifecycle System
    RFFF Revolving Film Finance Fund
    SQ Screen Queensland
    TIQ Trade and Investment Queensland

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    Last updated:
    3 September, 2020
    Last reviewed:
    3 October, 2019