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    Government’s objectives for the community

    Our Future State: Advancing Queensland’s Priorities fulfils the requirement of the Financial Accountability Act 2009 to prepare and publish a statement of objectives for the community. For further details see

    The priorities focus on the tough challenges facing our state that require complex and innovative solutions. There are 13 priority targets identified to support the six priorities.

    DPC has led the whole-of-government implementation of priorities and has overseen and coordinated a collaborative governance model underpinning their delivery, as well as a range of communication, monitoring and reporting processes.

    While Our Future State: Advancing Queensland’s Priorities remains the Queensland Government’s objectives for the community, our recent focus has been to protect Queenslanders and save lives. Now it is time to Unite and Recover for Queensland jobs.

    Queensland’s Economic Recovery Plan outlines our guiding principles for how we will get Queenslanders back to work, with a focus on three key priorities — protecting our health, creating jobs, and working together.

    For more information on our plan to get Queenslanders back to work, visit:

    Further detail about how DPC delivered on the government priorities is detailed throughout this report.


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    Last updated:
    27 October, 2020
    Last reviewed:
    27 October, 2019