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    4.1 Cabinet Committees

    Cabinet Committees support the operation of Cabinet by providing a suitable forum, with Cabinet stature, to deliberate on issues requiring dedicated and longer term attention by stakeholder Ministers. The Premier or Cabinet may establish Cabinet Committees as well as determine Committee membership and terms of reference.

    The Cabinet Secretariat provides secretarial and support services to Cabinet Committees.

    For information about the preparation of submissions for Cabinet Committees refer to 5.0

    Preparation of submissions to Cabinet and Cabinet Committees .

    4.1.1 Membership

    The membership of committees is determined by the Premier or the Cabinet and is only open to members of Cabinet.

    Other stakeholder Ministers who are not designated Committee members may attend with the approval of the Committee Chair to assist in Committee deliberations, however decision-making remains the prerogative of the Committee members only.

    The Premier or Cabinet may also appoint officials to assist Committees. These officials do not have decision-making roles on the Committees, they are appointed in an advisory role only.

    4.1.2 Cabinet Budget Review Committee

    The Cabinet Budget Review Committee (CBRC) has a primary role of considering matters with financial or budgetary implications for the government.

    The Deputy Premier is the Chair of CBRC.

    The Premier, Deputy Premier and Treasurer are standing ministers of CBRC, with other senior Ministers appointed as members as determined by the Premier.

    The Committee may deliberate in the absence of member Ministers at the discretion of the Chair except the Premier, who must give approval for the committee to meet in their absence. Another Minister or an official may not deputise for a member Minister in their absence, this includes Ministers acting for a CBRC member who is on approved leave.

    4.1.3 Cabinet Budget Review Committee meeting scheduling, business list and briefing information

    Meetings of CBRC are held on a Monday of each week except during Parliament sitting weeks when meetings will be held on a Wednesday, if required.

    The business list for the next CBRC meeting will be settled by the Premier, in consultation with the Chair, usually on the preceding Monday. The business list will be informed by the input of key senior ministers and consideration will be given to whether proposed business will be handled via flying minute or at a meeting. This may also be assisted with briefing information provided by DPC and Queensland Treasury (QT).

    DPC and QT briefing information on all submissions is distributed to CBRC members for both in session meetings and flying folders. For in-session meetings, relevant briefing information is also distributed to Ministers who will be attending the meeting during consideration of their submission.

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