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    1.4 Matters for consideration by Cabinet

    It is ultimately a decision for the Premier whether a matter proceeds to Cabinet.

    Unless otherwise determined by the Premier as the Chair of Cabinet, the following matters should be brought by Ministers for the consideration of Cabinet:

    • All significant or sensitive policy issues, whether originating within the government or from discussions with other governments, including new policy development and variations to existing policies
    • reports outlining the implementation status of Cabinet decisions and key government commitments
    • proposed discussion papers for public consultation and major policy statements of government
    • proposed major policy reviews that will require consultation within the public sector or with non-governmental organisations or that will absorb significant departmental resources
    • matters that have a significant impact on either the public or private sectors
    • matters likely to have a considerable impact on relations with Commonwealth, local and other State and Territory Governments, community groups, employer groups, the unions, or on community relations
    • matters of an intergovernmental nature (including non-financial intergovernmental agreements and matters arising from intergovernmental forums) that may constrain the government's ability to develop or amend policy, e.g. national policy strategies, interstate agreements, international treaties (particularly at the point when the Commonwealth proposes to sign, ratify or take any legally binding action on a   treaty)
    • proposals that will require new or amending legislation, including Subordinate Legislation, that is significant in scope or of political or administrative importance
    • proposed Subordinate Legislation (other than exempt Subordinate Legislation) not certified by the Office of the Queensland Parliamentary Counsel
    • major issues to be discussed, or a report of significant outcomes agreed at National Cabinet
    • all appointments defined as Significant Appointments in Significant Appointment
    • significant portfolio policy announcements and politically sensitive Ministerial Statements to Parliament
    • all whole-of-government submissions to Queensland Parliamentary Committees or to Commonwealth inquiries and Parliamentary Committees
    • proposed significant commercial activities or significant expansion of existing commercial activities
    • government responses on Private Members' Bills
    • Consultation Impact Analysis Statements (IAS) prior to release for public consultation (except where Cabinet has already considered the policy issue and the relevant portfolio minister has determined that Cabinet approval is not required)
    • Decision IASs for regulatory proposals
    • proposals that have significant national competition policy implications.

    If uncertain about whether a matter requires Cabinet consideration, Ministers should seek advice from the Premier or the Cabinet Secretary. Similarly, departments should seek advice from the office of their Minister, the Cabinet Secretary, or The Cabinet Office, DPC.

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    Last updated:
    21 March, 2024
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