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    1.7 Definition of Cabinet documents

    Cabinet documents are diverse in their form and may broadly be defined as documents that, if disclosed, would reveal any consideration or deliberation of Cabinet, or otherwise prejudice the confidentiality of Cabinet considerations, deliberations or operations. Cabinet documents may include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • submissions, submitted or proposed to be submitted to Cabinet;
    • Cabinet agenda, notice of meetings and business lists for meetings;
    • minutes and decisions of Cabinet;
    • briefing papers prepared for use by Ministers or Chief Executive Officers in relation to matters submitted or proposed to be submitted to Cabinet;
    • documentation and minutes of Cabinet Committee meetings;
    • reports generated by the Cabinet Secretariat or agencies which show Cabinet submissions or proposed Cabinet submissions;
    • corrigenda to Cabinet submissions;
    • reports and attachments to submissions that have been brought into existence for the purpose of submission to Cabinet;
    • legislative proposals, Bills, explanatory notes and Explanatory speeches;
    • correspondence between Ministers and/or the Premier that is submitted to Cabinet or that proposes matters to be raised in Cabinet;
    • consultation comments on first lodgement and final Cabinet documents;
    • reports or studies within or for the Queensland Government that are intended to form the basis of a Cabinet document or an attachment to a Cabinet document;
    • all other minutes, correspondence between Ministers and other material that relate to Cabinet matters, eg. letters seeking waiver of all or part of the Cabinet process or minutes seeking comments on submissions;
    • drafts, copies or extracts of any of the above; and
    • all formats of the above, including hard copy, electronic, or microfilm formats.

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