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    The Queensland Cabinet Handbook is one in a series of handbooks entitled Governing Queensland that provides information about:

    • policy development in government agencies;
    • the role of Cabinet and the Executive Council;
    • the roles and responsibilities of Ministers and Ministerial staff; and
    • the processes of drafting and approving laws.

    Other titles in the series include:

    • The Queensland Executive Council Handbook
    • The Queensland Legislation Handbook
    • The Queensland Ministerial Handbook
    • The Queensland Parliamentary Procedures Handbook
    • Welcome Aboard: A Guide for Members of Queensland Government Boards, Committees and Statutory Authorities

    Governing Queensland provides extensive administrative detail about the processes and practices associated with the effective functioning of the Queensland Executive Council, the Legislative Assembly, Cabinet, Queensland Government departments and agencies.

    The Queensland Cabinet Handbook supports the pre-eminent role of Cabinet in deciding government policy, by guiding Ministers and departmental officers in the development and presentation of Cabinet submissions. The processes and procedures outlined in the Handbook are designed to ensure a high degree of rigour and uniformity in developing submissions to provide Ministers with contestable proposals for their collective decision-making needs.

    The Queensland Cabinet Handbook promotes consultation as the fundamental activity that underlies "quality" policy reflecting input from whole of government and the community.

    This edition is provided on the Internet to allow access to a wider audience and to ensure that the published handbook remains current. Frequent users will value the hyperlinks within the electronic text, allowing swift movement to related topics.

    The Cabinet Secretariat within the Department of the Premier and Cabinet facilitates the operation of Cabinet and its related processes, by providing advisory and administrative support to Ministers and departments.

    The Queensland Cabinet Handbook is the primary support tool used by the Secretariat.

    This edition of the Queensland Cabinet Handbook ensures that information being considered by Cabinet continues to conform to the highest standard and facilitates robust decisions serving the public interest.

    Enquiries to:

    Cabinet Secretariat
    Department of the Premier and Cabinet
    PO Box 15185
    CITY EAST QLD 4002

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    18 May, 2016
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