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    1.1 Principles of Cabinet

    The Queensland Cabinet Handbook (the Handbook) outlines the procedures and conventions for the operation of the Queensland Cabinet and its support processes.

    The Constitution of Queensland 2001 provides that there must be a Cabinet consisting of the Premier and a number of other Ministers. The Constitution of Queensland 2001 also provides that Cabinet is collectively responsible to the Parliament of Queensland.

    The Handbook outlines the procedures and conventions for the operation of the Queensland Cabinet and its support processes. These procedures and conventions encompass the entire Cabinet process through preparation, lodgement and consideration of Cabinet business, as well as ongoing administrative aspects of the maintenance of Cabinet records.

    The procedures and conventions contained in the Handbook are designed to bind Cabinet and its associated processes to the following fundamental principles:

    • Cabinet is responsible for the development and coordination of the policies of the government;
    • the collective responsibility of Ministers for government decisions requires collective adherence to all government decisions made in Cabinet. Cabinet decisions reflect collective deliberation and are binding on Cabinet Ministers as government policy;
    • consultation is an essential element of the Cabinet process;
    • the deliberations of Cabinet and Cabinet Committees shall be conducted in a secure and confidential environment, and that ongoing confidentiality of Cabinet and related records shall be maintained;
    • preparation of business to be considered by Cabinet is of the highest standard reflecting the information needs of Ministers, to ensure informed decision-making can occur in accordance with the public interest;
    • Cabinet proposals reflect a rigorous examination of issues, consideration of regulatory best practice principles, whole of government coordination and accord with government policy;
    • Cabinet processes are established by the Premier to ensure all Ministers are bound by the same rules and by high standards of probity; and
    • Cabinet collectively, and Ministers individually, are responsible and accountable to the Crown, the Parliament, and ultimately the electorate.

    Adherence to these principles is the cornerstone of an effective and efficient Cabinet system.

    The Handbook is reviewed periodically with proposed changes approved by the Premier or Cabinet.

    Throughout the Handbook the term "Cabinet" refers to Cabinet and Cabinet Committees, except where a section deals specifically with one or the other.

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