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    6.0 Consultation

    Consultation is a fundamental and mandatory part of the development of all Cabinet submissions. It enables Ministers to receive sound, comprehensive and coordinated policy advice. Departments initiating a Cabinet submission must ensure that they consider the interests of other departments and relevant external stakeholders.

    Consultation should occur early in the development of the proposal, with the subsequent Cabinet submission consultation phase providing an opportunity to check that all views have been considered, and where unresolved issues remain, to ensure that both supportive and alternate views of agencies, stakeholders, Ministerial Offices where relevant, and, where known, Ministers are accurately presented in the final submission. Therefore, consultation commences as soon as possible, prior to the preparation of the Cabinet submission, and carries through to Ministerial clearance of the final submission.

    Departmental staff preparing a submission for Cabinet's consideration should seek the approval of either the Minister or the Chief Executive Officer before commencing consultation on policy proposals within government and the community. Cabinet approval must be sought prior to consultation on major policy reviews and the release of Public Discussion (Green) papers.

    The importance of effective consultation during the development of Cabinet submission cannot be over-emphasised. Ineffective consultation frequently leads to delays in Cabinet's consideration of proposals with departments required to re-lodge their submission or the Minister being directed by Cabinet to undertake further consultation prior to re-lodgement.

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    Last updated:
    18 May, 2016
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    17 July, 2009